Traditional Turkish Beverages

Traditional Turkish Beverages

Traditional Turkish Beverages

Traditional Turkish Beverages

Traditional Turkish beverages have a very special place in Turkish cuisine as well as traditional Turkish dishes. These beverages reflecting Turkish culture fascinate people with their flavors. In this article, we have listed traditional Turkish beverages.

Hot Drinks

Traditional Turkish Beverages


Tea, the drink of the crowds, has a special place in the hearts of Turkish people. It is drunk to relieve heat in summer and to keep warm in winter. Turkish tea has a special flavor which can not be found in the other parts of the world.

Turkish Coffee

Coffee was first grown in the 15th century in Arabia. It came to Turkey in the 16th century. It has been introduced to the world as Turkish coffee with its special cooking and preparation style. The flavor of coffee comes from this style rather than the coffee beans. Having a special place in Turkish cuisine for centuries, coffee is indispensable for pleasant conversations and special days.

Traditional Turkish Beverages


One of the drinks that Turks have been consuming since the Ottoman culture is called salep. Its preparation, health benefits, and warming effect put salep into a different place. It is made from flour obtained by grinding the dried tubers of an orchid named Orchis. The tubers of wild orchids are washed, boiled, dried, and finally ground into flour. It is the essence of this soft and warm drink. It is one of the drinks that tourists love to consume. Also, it is especially effective in reducing cough.


It was mainly used for health purposes in homes. It has urine-enhancing, diaphoretic, soothing, and breast-softening effects.

Cold Drinks

Traditional Turkish Beverages


Ayran is prepared by adding water to yogurt. With its history dating back to the 6th century, ayran is an accompaniment to many dishes. It is a refreshing drink that is very useful and easily prepared.

Traditional Turkish Beverages


Boza is a fermented beverage made from grains such as corn, barley, rye, oats, wheat, or millet. However, millet is used to make the most delicious boza. Although boza is actually a beverage served cold, it is a drink to keep yourself warm.

Traditional Turkish Beverages


Sherbet, one of the most precious drinks of Ottoman cuisine, is a drink that Turks always consume. Before the spread of fruit juices in Turkey, cold drinks called "sherbet" were very common. It is made from the essence of fruits, and it does not contain any additives.


Turnip, which tastes both sour and salty, is one of the most unusual and original flavors among our traditional drinks. It is made from black carrots.


Known as natural antibiotics, kefir contains probiotics that are beneficial for health. It is also recommended for the elderly and children due to its positive effects on bones. It is prepared from goat's or cow's milk using a special yeast mushroom. The origin of Kefir is the Caucasus.