Best Restaurants in Ankara

Best Restaurants in Ankara

Best Restaurants in Ankara

Best Restaurants in Ankara

Ankara, Turkey’s capital and second-largest city, is the country's international center and a thriving cultural center. The city has a diverse dining scene, with options ranging from traditional Turkish eateries to several upscale fine dining restaurants, thanks to its mix of old history and modern, metropolitan character. In this article, we have listed the best restaurants in Ankara.


Few people would expect to find tasty fish in the heart of the Anatolian steppe, hundreds of kilometers from the sea. Nonetheless, many consider lunch at Trilye to be one of the best dining experiences in Ankara.

Boyacizade Konağı

Boyacizade Kona is an antique Ottoman grand home turned restaurant with a stone-paved courtyard where various tables are provided for customers to enjoy the fresh air and views of Ankara Kalesi. The restaurant, which is as traditional in its interior decor as its menu, serves seafood alongside conventional Turkish dishes in a setting that evokes bygone eras.

Zenger Paşa Konağı

Zenger Paşa is housed in an 18th-century villa on the Ulus hill, within the fortifications of the Ankara Kalesi. The rustic decor and a wide range of Ottoman antiquities shown on the ground level give the venue a museum-like atmosphere.

Ankara Yelken Kulübü

An overview of Ankara's seafood cuisine should not leave out Ankara Yelken Kulübü Lounge & Restaurant (AYK), the city's very own Yacht Club restaurant. AYK is a small village south of Ankara's presidential palace in the central metropolitan region of Ankara.


The Tunali branch of Balıkköy, the third to open, is one of Ankara's favorite seafood restaurants. A patio on the roadside, sheltered by a tall hedge, provides diners with an outdoor space. At the same time, the main eating rooms are decorated with various marine decor and light furnishings.