Famous Tastes of Ortaköy: Kumpir and Waffle

Famous Tastes of Ortaköy: Kumpir and Waffle

Famous Tastes of Ortaköy: Kumpir and Waffle

Famous Tastes of Ortaköy: Kumpir and Waffle

A small neighborhood of Beşiktaş district located in the European side of Istanbul, Ortaköy is a place full of concerts, people, mosques, historical sights, cafés, and street foods. Among many other full-of-life locations of Istanbul, Ortaköy is one of the most touristic places. With the fascinating Bosphorus view it possesses since it is on the shore of the strait, Ortaköy has an inexpiable value. There is one more thing that is greatly signified with Ortaköy: kumpir and waffle. Countless vendors full of these street tastes are stationed in different parts of Ortaköy, waiting for their customers every day. As with the traditional upcoming of these street tastes, it is necessary to try the famous kumpir and waffle of Ortaköy.

About Ortaköy

With a history dating back to the Byzantine rule over Istanbul, Ortaköy started to gain its value in the 16th century with the efforts of Suleiman the Magnificent. As many Turkish families along with foreign citizens were encouraged to settle in this neighborhood, the town’s infrastructure is greatly influenced by classic Ottoman architecture. Throughout history, starting with the construction of a Turkish bath in 1566 by Mimar Sinan, Ortaköy saw the rise of many mesmerizing buildings. As Ortaköy has a central location between many other hotspot tourist locations and is located in the renowned Beşiktaş district at the side of the Bosporus, combined with its classical and historical landmarks, it has an incredible value. The most signature buildings of Ortaköy are the Ortaköy Mosque, Esma Sultan Mansion and Çırağan Palace. All of each having their own special value and more, they enhance the beauty that Ortaköy has.

Ortaköy has once had a cosmopolitan population structure, but with the collapse of the Ottoman Empire and the uprise of many more nations, the emigration of minority groups lead to Ortaköy having a mostly Muslim population. As of our day, Ortaköy is one of the most significant tourist landmarks in Istanbul with its great tastes, view of the Bosphorus, and historical sites. Let us take a closer look at the most famous tastes of Ortaköy: kumpir and waffle.


This traditional Turkish food essentially means “baked potato” in various parts all over Anatolia. Kumpir is made by baking a whole potato in a special oven until it is well-done, then opening a cut from the middle in which a mixture of butter, salt, and cheese is filled until it reaches a soft consistency. As plain kumpir is made in such a way, the specialty of kumpir comes from the variety of meze, sauces, and ingredients added to the mixture. The most commonly added ingredients to the kumpir are corn, olives, traditional Turkish salads, mezes, sausages, mushrooms, and much more. At last, sauces are added over the food, which is mostly ketchup and mayonnaise.

During the 90s, kumpir managed to receive its popularity starting in Istanbul, as many famous vendors still active as today started serving this kind of kumpir in Ortaköy. Ever since, kumpir has been an exceptional taste signified with its presence in Ortaköy.

Waffle of Ortaköy

Waffle is a Belgian originated pastry, mostly served with syrup, fresh fruits, and chocolate. As this type of pastry is commonly used all around the world, there are many different variations of this taste. A variation of waffle is typical street food in Turkey as well. A bomb of sweetness, waffles done by Turkish vendors has countless different toppings and adding that you can choose, varying from jams to ice-creams, kiwi to white chocolate, and with many more choices of your own.

This type of waffle has its place on the streets of Ortaköy along with kumpir stations as well. A signature for the street food of Ortaköy, these delicious tastes await everyone who pays a visit to Ortaköy.