Gourmet Flavors You Should Try in Turkey

Gourmet Flavors You Should Try in Turkey

Gourmet Flavors You Should Try in Turkey

Gourmet Flavors You Should Try in Turkey

Turkish cuisine rewards curiosity with flavors and some of the tastiest street dishes in the Mediterranean for those who get beyond the initiation of döner kebab. In this article, we have gathered the best gourmet flavors and dishes you should try in Turkey.

Imam Bayıldı

Eggplant rules supreme in Turkish cuisine. However, the name of this dish, which means "the imam fainted," indicates something much more unusual. This flavorful meal of eggplant roasted and cooked in oil and packed with tomatoes and onions gets its name from the extreme of a reaction to it. Imam bayildi combines two critical parts of Turkish cuisine: eggplant and olive oil, creating a delectable staple that is quite simple in terms of ingredients. Beef is used as a supplement in a dish known as karniyarik, but only as a supplement, as the main meat in this – and many other Turkish recipes – is the infamous purple vegetable.


Manti is a Turkish version of ravioli that comes in a variety of shapes and sizes but is most commonly described as chunks of meat wrapped into small, angular pouches of dough. While the scope and content of manti can vary greatly, one key Turkish feature distinguishes it from its Italian cousin: a scoop of yogurt to soften the savory flavor of the dish and offer a fresh counterbalance to the meaty taste. Another excellent manti variety is stuffed with coal-grilled eggplant, which has all of the rich flavors of the meat-filled version but is more uniquely Turkish.

Lentil Soup

In Turkish cuisine, mercimek çorbasi, or lentil soup, is a typical meal. Its delectability is only equaled by its simplicity. It's a basic puree of lentils and spices, always served alongside the soup and lemon topped. Any trust, or pickled vegetables, including cabbage, carrots, and olives, can be used as an additional garnish. Mercimek çorbasi is an affordable, filling, and soul-warming element of practically any menu, from sophisticated eateries to the neighborhood cafeteria when served with a couple of sizzling hot slices of pita bread.

Meze Platters

Meze, which means "appetizer," refers to a group of small appetizer meals popular in Turkey, Greece, the Balkans, North Africa, and portions of the Middle East. Purees, salads, meatballs, pastries, dips, and cheeses are among the vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods available. Meze platters are famous as snacks or appetizers in Turkey and may be found almost anywhere.