Traveling During the Pandemic

Traveling During the Pandemic

Traveling During the Pandemic


Traveling During the Pandemic

During the pandemic, traveling by different forms of transportation with people might pose differing degrees of danger. As you plan your holiday travel, you may be thinking about which form of transportation is better to use as we continue to negotiate the Covid-19.

Get Tested

If you or the people you're going with haven't been vaccinated, you should get a Covid-19 test one to three days before you depart to limit unintentionally bringing the virus with you. Furthermore, the CDC recommends that unvaccinated persons be tested three to five days again after returning from their vacation and be quarantined for seven days (or ten days if skipping the post-trip test).

Decide on Your Mode of Travel

According to specialists, driving is the safest mode of transportation for someone who hasn't been vaccinated or is at high risk of severe Covid-19, especially if the location can be reached within a day because it significantly reduces encounters with other people. Flying may also be a pretty safe activity. Currently, airlines mandate all passengers to wear masks aboard. If you are not vaccinated, stay in your seat as much as possible during the trip and wear your mask almost constantly, especially when other passengers close remove theirs to eat or drink.

Avoid Closed Indoor Spaces

Especially on overseas journeys, there may be things that you typically like doing on vacation that you should forego for the time being. Bars, karaoke lounges, theme parks with indoor rides, and other crowded indoor activities may provide a Covid-19 risk.

Carry hand sanitizer

Airports and airplanes are littered with often touched surfaces. Airlines are attempting to minimize the number of belongings passengers must feel by implementing contactless check-in and other steps. Still, there will always be door handles, luggage bins, escalator fences, and that bag of chips you're eating that someone else picked up and placed down before you.