What to Eat in Istanbul?

What to Eat in Istanbul?

What to Eat in Istanbul?

What to Eat in Istanbul?

Simit and Chai

Simit is not just a component of Turkish breakfasts but is also a part of Turkish culture. Simit is similar to a bagel on the inside, but it's softer, sweeter, and coated with sesame seeds. Simit gets best served with a variety of cheeses, tomatoes, and olives, but it may also be savored along with a glass of tea. Simit and tea get eaten at any time of day in Turkey.

Iskender Kebab

Doner meat is used to make Iskender Kebab. Doner is a meal made of beaten beef cooked on a vertical rotisserie with suet. Local herbs, spices, thinly sliced doner leaves, pide, a pita-like bread get served with leaves. Pide pieces are dressed with butter and tomato sauce. On the side of the dish, there is yogurt and, if desired, more tomato sauce and butter to make it even more delicious.

Wet Burger

The islak hamburger (also known as the wet burger) is a popular Istanbul street snack consisting of a beef patty on a soft white bread drenched with a garlicky, tomato-based sauce. You can find a wet burger in most of the touristic locations in Istanbul, but it is best to enjoy it in one of the shops in Taksim Square.

Grilled Fish Sandwich

Balik Ekmek (grilled fish sandwich) is one of Istanbul's most popular street foods. Balik ekmek is a Turkish fish sandwich made with grilled fish or filets and veggies packed inside a substantial piece of bread. Grab one under the Galata Bridge and enjoy it while looking across the water at the Galata Tower for a classic Istanbul meal.


Kunafa is a traditional Arab cheese pastry. The essence of this desert is the unsalted cheese sandwiched between the two layers of kadayif. Kadayif consists of thin dough fibers made basically from water and wheat mixture. It is served warm after it is freshly cooked and drenched in syrup.


Mussels are a popular street snack in Istanbul, and they can also be found at tiny, casual restaurants. The Turkish favorites are the filled mussels and the deep-fried mussels.


Potato is a nutrient-dense meal that gets eaten as a main dish or garnishes all over the world. Another great and pleasurable method to consume potatoes in Turkey is to bake them with certain special spices.

Kumpir is often served as a take-out dish in a tiny plastic box with disposable cutlery. These massive portions are ideal for eating by the sea or on a park bench, particularly in Ortakoy, one of Istanbul's finest coastal neighborhoods and known for its street "kumpir" vendors.