Best Third-Wave Coffee Shops in Istanbul

Best Third-Wave Coffee Shops in Istanbul

Best Third-Wave Coffee Shops in Istanbul

Best Third-Wave Coffee Shops in Istanbul

Coffee is one of the drinks that is highly appreciated by a majority of people living in Istanbul, whether it is consumed before breakfast or after dinners.

Although the modern coffee-making techniques spread around the world pretty quickly in recent years, enhancing the aromatic flavor of the coffee is still hard to achieve by any means. That is why we’re here to guide you about finding the best third-wave coffee places in Istanbul.

Rafine Espresso Bar

This coffee shop was located in the smallest place in Moda, a popular district in Kadıkoy, before moving into a more spacious place in another neighborhood in Kadıkoy. The small and mighty espresso bar uses different coffee beans originated from Ethiopia, Tanzania, Burundi, Kenya, and Rwanda. Despite their diverse geographical origins, these premium African coffee beans share a common advantage: they all have a unique flavor and smoothness.  

Rafine Espresso Bar is also specialized in different roasting techniques to make the coffee taste richer and more flavorful. You can visit this coffee bar while you are in the neighborhood and end the day with a calming coffee break.


MOC or Ministry of Coffee is a roastery that focused on bringing Australian-style roasting techniques to the city. We can say that they have been so far successful at it because the place constantly gets praised by coffee lovers in Istanbul. MOC serves many different types of coffee beans selected carefully from micro grower farms in various regions, including Yirgacheffe and El Salvador.

The café is actually a chain which makes it easier for you to visit one if you don’t want to miss a fine cup of brewed coffee.


Another popular third-wave coffee place in Istanbul is Kronotrop which is located in different parts of the city. They opened their first store in 2012 and following that, made their way into becoming one of the best cafes in Istanbul.

Kronotrop mainly serves espresso-based coffees as well as herbal tea varieties and hot chocolate. You may also want to try their delicious cheesecakes and gluten-free chocolate brownies.

Petra Roasting Co.

This coffee shop stands out among others with its minimal and clean-cut design concept that appeals to the eye. Petra Roasting was first opened in 2013 by a team of passionate people who wanted to create a unique coffee experience for their customers. And, we believe they are continuing to pursue their mission in that matter.

They serve espressos and lattes made with high-quality coffee beans originated from different growing regions. You may also online shop their coffee beans from their official website for a personal brewing experiment.