A Hidden Paradise: Butterfly Valley

A Hidden Paradise: Butterfly Valley

A Hidden Paradise: Butterfly Valley

Butterfly Valley is one of Turkey's most unusual beauties. The valley, located in the Fethiye district of Muğla, surrounded by steep rocky walls of 350 meters, takes its name from more than 80 butterfly species and especially Jersey Tiger butterflies.

Butterfly Valley is one of the bays such as Ölüdeniz, Kıdrak, and Kabak, located on the slopes of Babadağ, which has been declared as one of the 100 mountains that must be protected by the World Heritage Foundation due to the richness of the endemic plant species on it.

The waterfall, which is located in the Faralya village, pours into the valley from a height of 50 meters and reaches the Mediterranean with a stream passing through the middle of the valley. The valley is also one of the main stops of many boat tours departing from Fethiye. It has a wild beauty with its unique nature. Butterfly Valley, a popular camping and holiday route among young people, has a wondrous atmosphere in the spring.

Since the valley is isolated from the outside world with the sea and steep cliffs, it is affected very little by man-made environmental pollution. With these protection efforts, the valley has turned into a wildlife park. Butterfly Valley is one of the places where you can best observe Jersey Tiger butterflies (Eupoglia Quadripunctaria) living in the wet and secluded parts of the Mediterranean with colonies.

In the valley, where the overwhelming summer period of the Mediterranean is not felt much, the breeze winds during the day, and the airflow from the mountain towards the sea at night create a relaxing effect.

Approximately 300 meters of coastline in the valley has a magnificent sea and beach. The beach is covered with stones. After advancing 5 meters in the sea, the seafloor is completely sand. You can also eat and drink at the cute cafes on the beach with a tropical shore.

The valley has been declared as a legal protection area, so it’s not possible to build a facility for accommodation. If you wish, you can stay in tents and bungalows.

The valley is one of the world's most ideal places for camping. In the Butterfly Valley, a facility has been built to protect natural life and to take the necessary precautions to implement the projects. This establishment, which offers visitors accommodation in tents and treehouses, has a daily capacity of 500 guests. The establishment offers visitors a natural and ecological buffet breakfast and dinner, public toilets, and showers.