6 Kebab Dishes You Need to Try

6 Kebab Dishes You Need to Try

6 Kebab Dishes You Need to Try

Turkey is famous for not only its historical sites of great significance but also delicious and diverse cuisine which we believe is a sign of rich culture just as its other characteristics. Add a gourmet touch to your colourful Istanbul experience and savor some of the most delightful kebab dishes Turkish culture has to offer. 

Sadrazam Kebab at Kaşıbeyaz Restaurant

A taste fit for the kings, but named as the ‘grand vizier kebab’, Sadrazam Kebab is one of the most popular dishes in the Ottoman cuisine. Lamb meat cooked over coal fire meets a specially prepared sauce of tomato, olive oil, pomegranate syrup, and spices. Kaşıbeyaz Restaurant is known for its traditional dishes and elegant interiors. You can experience the aquarium themed design and magnificent Marmara sea view at Kaşıbeyaz Aquarium in Florya or enjoy the Bosphorus view and turquoise colors at Kaşıbeyaz Bosphorus –the choice is yours. 

Pistachio Kebab at Kebapçı Mahmut

Your favorite Urfa kebab is elevated with a touch of pistachio and became an irreplaceable taste. You will enjoy the unique harmony between the softly cooked meat and mildly crisp pistachio in every bite. Kebapçı Mahmut is a famous restaurant in the historical peninsula and serves customers from across the world. You can savor this unique south-eastern dish at Kebapçı Mahmut that is located at a 12-minute drive away from Grand Sirkeci Hotel. 

Tray Kebab at Hatay Medeniyetler Sofrası

A kebab lover’s dream, a famous Antakya dish, tray kebab is quite popular among the locals and foreigners alike. It looks like a giant meatball yet is a thin layer of kebab nestled among grilled tomatoes and peppers. Hatay Medeniyetler Sofrası is renowned for being an expert in all kinds of Antakya cuisine and tray kebab is no exception. You can walk to this famous restaurant in 30 minutes from Grand Sirkeci Hotel.

Cag Kebab at Şehzade Cağ Kebabı

A horizontal stack of meat turning above the wood fire, cag kebab is the ancestor of the famous doner, firstly recorded in the Ottoman travel books in the 18th century. This kebab is a trademark for Erzurum yet became widely known throughout the whole country. Skewers named as “cag” cut off the meat from the giant stack and the dish is served with these skewers. Appreciated by the famous gourmet Vedat Milor, Şehzade Cag Kebab Restaurant awaits you to enjoy this delicious meal at only a 3-minute walk away from our hotel, Grand Sirkeci Hotel.

Goose Kebab at Matbah Restaurant

A truly unique dish of goose meat wrapped inside filo and stuffed with special pilaf which is cooked with currant, pine nut, and almond -this kebab is a gourmet’s dream, once belonged to an array of delicious meals at sultans’ table. Travel back to the glorious days of the Ottoman Empire and find yourself a seat at the magical palace. Experience the Ottoman court cuisine at the impressive Matbah Restaurant after a 13-minute drive from Grand Sirkeci Hotel.

Duck Kebab Served with Keşkek at Asitane Restaurant

A festive dish in the Ottoman place, a luxurious taste for the sultans, duck kebab served with keşkek is a special meal not found commonly. For those who are after extravagant flavors, this dish will meet and exceed your expectations. Keşkek is a wheat and meat paste with a special sauce and surely elevates the already fancy duck kebab when served with. Asitane restaurant is a gourmet restaurant that presents you with royal Istanbul dishes and is located at a 4.4-kilometer distance from Grand Sirkeci Hotel.

Bonus: Steak at Nusret

Although not a kebab restaurant and is renowned as a popular steak house, Nusret attracts people from all over the world. Not only is Nusret popular with delicious meat dishes but also found a place to himself in the internet culture. Enjoy the rich taste of highly special steak dishes at Nusret after a thirty minutes’ drive from Grand Sirkeci Hotel.