Martial Arts Studios in Istanbul

Martial Arts Studios in Istanbul

Martial Arts Studios in Istanbul

Martial Arts Studios in Istanbul

Martial arts training for adults is the only program that strengthens all aspects of your health and fitness, makes you mentally stronger, and teaches you how to protect yourself.

Training martial arts will help you with your coordination and conditioning as martial art training will improve muscles that are weakened due to prolonged sitting. What's better is that martial arts work the whole body. Stronger legs, core section, arms, and lats are likely results of regular martial arts training. On top of physical benefits, you can enjoy psychological benefits like high self-esteem, confidence, and reduced stress levels.

As mixed martial arts became one of the most popular sports in the world with the rise of UFC, practicing martial arts and self-defense techniques gained popularity as well. You can choose a striking-based technique (boxing, kickboxing, muay Thai, etc.) or a grappling-based technique (BJJ, Judo, Wrestling, Sambo, etc.) Some dojos provide MMA courses where you can train both striking and grappling techniques just like your favorite UFC fighter.

Below you can find some of the best martial arts studios in Istanbul. The best part is that you can reserve your place for a free trial training in these dojos and find out the best technique for yourself.

Corvos Combat

Founded by Turkey's first trainer to receive a black belt in Brazilian JiuJutsu, Burak Değer Biçer, Corvos offers MMA, Brazilian JiuJitsu, Muay-Thai, and Cross Training courses as well as BJJ courses for kids. Corvos is open seven days a week, and they offer first-class weight training facilities for their members as well. The dojo is located in Zincirlikuyu. 

Balaban Jiu-Jitsu

Founded by former MMA fighter and respected trainer Ertan Balaban in 2011, Balaban Jiu-Jitsu specializes in BJJ training. There are two dojos affiliated with Balaban Jiu-Jitsu, and they are located in 4 Levent and Ataşehir. 

Checkmat Istanbul

Affiliated with the famous international BJJ team Checkmat, Checkmat Istanbul is both a professional Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu team and a dojo where newcomers can train BJJ and Judo. At Checkmat Istanbul, you will be trained by multiple European championship holders in purple, blue, brown, and black belts, İbrahim İnal. The studio is located in Seyrantepe.

The Last Round

The Last Round was founded by Egemen Baranok, a multidisciplinary martial artist who is proficient in BJJ, Wing Chun, Muay-Thai, Escrima, and Boxing. Baranok is not the only instructor though, as there are other coaches specialized in different areas. There are two dojos of The Last Round, one in Haliç and the other in Esenyurt. You can train BJJ, Boxing, Muay-Thai, Kick Boxing, Wing Chun, Pro MMA, as well as weekly self-defense lessons for women free of charge.