Best Spices You Need to Buy in Istanbul

Best Spices You Need to Buy in Istanbul

Best Spices You Need to Buy in Istanbul


Best Spices You Need to Buy in Istanbul

Turkish markets are a dynamic and intriguing experience, and if you know what you're looking for, they may be a terrific location to get some excellent deals. There is nothing better than Turkish spices for a genuine and locally created keepsake. Here is the list of Turkish spices you need to buy before going to your country.


Sumac is a widely used spice in the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisines. When processed into powder, it adds a red color to foods and a somewhat acidic, lemony flavor. Sumac is mainly used as a garnish in Turkish cuisine. Sumac powder can be sprinkled on grilled foods, stirred into milk, or combined with onions.


Most Turkish spices are grown in southern Turkey, including peppers from Adana, Maras, and Antep. Urfa peppers that have been sun-dried and fermented have a deeper hue and a chocolate and citrus scent. Despite lacking the spiciness of red pepper, it may be used to season salads, soups, and koftes. You may also find these and other spices and historical relics in the Grand Bazaar.

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Turkish peppers are milder than the majority of Southeast Asian peppers. Turkish pepper is distinguished from ancho chile, which has a similar flavor by adding oil and salt. Pepper flakes, a classic spice in Turkey that is incredibly flexible, may be sprinkled over various meals to give mild heat, color, and texture.

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Nigella is a black fragrant seed commonly sprinkled over bread and pastries and has a slightly peppery flavor. To flavor curries and pulses, use this adaptable seed with other spices such as cumin and saffron.


Dried oregano is extremely popular in Turkey, and exports have gradually increased. Kekik is commonly used in-game, lamb, and beef marinades, as a condiment to flavor foods such as soups and as a finishing spice in salads.