Best Seafood Restaurants in Istanbul

Best Seafood Restaurants in Istanbul

Best Seafood Restaurants in Istanbul

Best Seafood Restaurants in Istanbul

There are countless different types of restaurants providing different tastes from various cuisines across the globe in Istanbul. With the existence of fruitful seas in Turkey and the presence of seafood in Turkish cuisine, Istanbul is filled with many high-quality seafood restaurants. Let us take a closer look at some of the finest seafood restaurants in Istanbul.

Sur Balık

With the first branch opened in 2004 in Arnavutkoy, Sur Balık one of the finest restaurants that successfully manage to combine traditional Turkish food with the best tastes of the sea. The aim of continuous and undisturbed customer satisfaction is the main motive of this restaurant. Serving the highest qualities of fish with the utmost care, Sur Balık is a must-to-visit restaurant.

By Kinyas

Located between countless historical mosques and squares, By Kinyas is one of the best seafood restaurants in Istanbul. With its professional staff and highly talented chefs, By Kinyas creates an authentic experience in the middle of Sultan Ahmed Square. Offering a variety of specialties, one of the most signified being fish and bread, this restaurant is greatly preferred by many visitors.


Near one of the most signature monuments of Istanbul, Galata Tower, Eleos Restaurant manages to bring families and friends together at its central location. Admirers of joyful nights and great tastes, the administration staff of Eleos aims to provide the best for their visitors. Open 7 days a week, Eleos also offers delicious meze and desserts along with their tasty fishes.

Divella Bistro Restaurant

Tastes from Ottoman Palace and traditional Turkish cuisine are combined with tasty fishes gathered from the Black Sea in Divella Bistro and Restaurant. This five-star restaurant shines with its remarkable value of Ottoman tastes and special meals prepared by highly skilled chefs. Nurtured foods with fruits, corn potatoes, exotic spices and classic Turkish tastes such as pomegranate sherbet, stuffed melon, and levzine are some of the bests that Divella Bistro Restaurant offers.

Sultanahmet Fish House

Founded in 1994, Sultanahmet Fish House is located in the center of renowned historic landmarks. Solely offering high-quality fishes to their customers from the Aegean and Mediterranean seas, this seafood restaurant awaits its customers.

Lacivert Restaurant

Fascinating each visitor with its amazing view over the Bosporus strait, Lacivert Restaurant is located in Anadoluhisarı. Operating with the famous chef Huseyin Ceylan, this location offers the best tastes of Mediterranean cuisine if you want to enjoy the most incredible tastes while admiring the view of Bosphorus.

Fener Restaurant

Serving in Kumkapı, Fener Restaurant manages to offer an entertaining atmosphere full of joy for its customers. Fener Restaurant is a must-to-visit place satisfying each customer with a great broad of choices and awesome tastes.

Sofram Balık

Located a little further away from the center of Istanbul, Sofram Balık is a family-friendly and authentic seafood restaurant located in Silivri. If you wish to get away from the stress of the city and take full of delicious seafood that they offer, make sure to pay a visit to Sofram Balık. With the many special foods it presents, this restaurant manages to attract the attention of many visitors.