Best Cheeses You Should Try in Turkey

Best Cheeses You Should Try in Turkey

Best Cheeses You Should Try in Turkey

Best Cheeses You Should Try in Turkey

Cheese is an essential component of Turkish cuisine. People start eating cheese early in the morning with breakfast, usually consuming 1-3 different types of cheese. Lunch is typically a meal with cheese as an ingredient, such as a grilled cheese sandwich using Kaşar cheese, while dinner is usually a variety of dishes with cheese mixed in or grated on top. In this article, we have listed the best cheeses you should try in Turkey.

Ezine Beyaz Peynir

While "feta cheese" has a pretty typical flavor in Western diets, white cheeses in Türkiye come in various tastes. They can be created from cow, sheep, or goat's milk, and they can be hard or soft, as well as whole or half milk. It's a must-have for a classic Turkish breakfast, but it's also a crucial part of meals, where it's served as a meze or served with watermelon or melons during the summer months.

Mihaliç Cheese

This is an antique cheese that comes from the Ottoman Empire. Unlike white cheese, its manufacturing is restricted to only a few regions of Turkey, with Balıkesir and Bursa being the most notable examples. Mihaliç cheese, also known as Kelle cheese, is similar to Parmesan cheese in that it is often created from unpasteurized sheep's milk and preserved in brine before hardening and drying.

Lor Cheese

Lor is a crumbly, relatively unsalted cheese that works excellent in pastries, but it's also great for breakfast or as a meze for dinner when paired with spices and herbs.

Tulum Cheese

Tulum cheeses are widely available and among the creamiest of Turkish cheeses. Tulum is ideal for blending into any main course because of its high moisture content, which melts wonderfully into just about any meal. It also has a long shelf life.

Van Otlu Cheese

With its unique flavor, aroma, and production quality, Van Otlu Cheese is a one-of-a-kind cheese. It was created in the spring months because of increased sheep milk production and various herbs growing. The Van Otlu Cheese can be flavored with up to 25 different herbs.