The Best Places to Eat Baklava in Istanbul

The Best Places to Eat Baklava in Istanbul

The Best Places to Eat Baklava in Istanbul

The Best Places to Eat Baklava in Istanbul

In Istanbul, you may consume a variety of desserts, but baklava holds a particular position in the city's heart. Baklava is a traditional Turkish dessert. Made with fragile phyllo layers and flavored with walnuts and pistachios, among other things. It goes by several names depending on how it's made: Baklava with carrot slices, creamy Nuriye, homemade baklava, and so on. In this article, we have listed the best places to eat baklava in Istanbul.

Karaköy Güllüoğlu

The masters prepare the baklava, which is subsequently cooked in the oven and served. The stove is placed in the baklava store, ensuring freshness — and there has only been one branch of this establishment since its inception, making it equally unique. Güllüolu also manufactures gluten-free baklava. Its masters use various ways to give the baklava its distinct flavor.

Hafız Mustafa 1864

Another notable baklava producer in Turkey is Hafz Mustafa 1864. They also provide lokum, cakes, halva, milky puddings, and künefe in addition to baklava. They have been creating baklava for over 150 years, as the name implies. They currently operate one major branch in Sirkeci. It is a unique place to eat authentic baklava or some of the best examples of classic Ottoman and Turkish pastries.

Emiroğlu Baklava

Emirolu Baklava, located in Sahrayicedit, is a hidden treasure in Istanbul. This small yet magnificent family-run baklava shop delivers one of Istanbul's most beautiful but unnoticed baklavas. They provide one of the lightest and most well-balanced baklavas we experienced in Istanbul, a rare combination of butter, nuts, dough, and sugar.


One of Istanbul's hidden secrets, Gazi Burma, has two branches in Pendik, distant from the city's tourist districts. But it's worth the trip to taste the wonderful flavor of Gazi Burma's pistachio baklava. It's advisable to try the fresh baklavas at Gazi Burma, which has rigorous ordering guidelines. Other pastries and cakes are available in the patisserie.