Eastern Express: An Amazing Rail Journey Across Turkey

Eastern Express: An Amazing Rail Journey Across Turkey

Eastern Express: An Amazing Rail Journey Across Turkey

Eastern Express: An Amazing Rail Journey Across Turkey

If you want to have a magical journey deep into Anatolia, the Eastern Express is waiting for you. Traveling with the Eastern Express is a journey everyone should experience in their lives. The Eastern Express means a long journey with different lives, surprising stories, and extraordinary landscapes. You should be a part of this adventure.

The legendary train, which starts from Ankara Train Station and follows the Kayseri-Sivas-Erzincan-Erzurum-Kars route and takes about 25 hours, is called the Eastern Express. The sweetest times of the journey are the winter months, where you can catch the amazing snow views.

Eastern Express train tickets are on sale 1 month before the travel date. You can buy tickets from the mobile application, box office, and call center.

Eastern Express Ticket Types

Couchettes (with blanket and pillow)

The seats turn into beds in the compartment, which consists of sections with 4 seats. If you prefer to travel in a couchette and do not have a 4-person group, someone you do not know can buy the other seats. If you do not want to travel with other people, you can buy all the seats, or choose a sleeping car.


The regular seat wagon type is arranged as a row of double seats and a row of single seats. Since it will be very tiring for the Eastern Express journey, a couchette or sleeping car will be much more comfortable.

Sleeping Car

The 2-person compartment model consists of two bunk-type beds. There is a socket, table, sink, and a mini-refrigerator in the compartment. If you get on this journey from Ankara to Kars, it will be more comfortable to stay in the sleeping car.

Eating and Drinking on the Eastern Express

The restaurant on the train is managed by a private business. There are many kinds of food on the menu.

You can use your credit card in the restaurant, but it can be a problem when the internet is not available on the moving train. Paying with cash will be easier for you.

Amazing Landscapes

The most beautiful scenery on the Eastern Express journey begins with the sunrise. You can set your alarm around 06:30 and witness the excellent views.

If you want to capture the most beautiful photos, you can go to the back of the train. The wagon movements on the curves of the road and the snow-covered nature landscape offer amazing snapshots.