Best Winter Soups to Try Out in Istanbul

Best Winter Soups to Try Out in Istanbul

Best Winter Soups to Try Out in Istanbul

Best Winter Soups to Try Out in Istanbul

It creates a negative impression in terms of diseases, although winter has very beautiful views with its seasonal appearance In glorious Istanbul, which has a different beauty in winter, you can drink excellent soups that will warm your heart to defy diseases.

Lentil Soup

Lentil soup, which is cooked in every house throughout the country, is a dish that everyone loves to consume. Some places make excellent lentil soup in Istanbul, especially on the Fatih side. By squeezing lemon into it while consuming it in winter, you can both improve its taste and strengthen your immunity.

Sheep’s Head and Foot Soup (Kelle Paça)

The choice of people who love meat and meat products, sheep’s head and foot soup kelle paça is a very famous soup in Istanbul. In addition, there are usually special shops for this soup. In these soup shops called Paçacı, tripe soup is also sold in addition to kelle paça. It is also a separate booster. The soup, which is consumed by blending with garlic sauce and vinegar, is a supporter of immunity. Especially those who love offal should try it.

Chicken Noodle Soup

Chicken noodle soup is a soup that is usually served with lemon to people who have a cold. You can try it at the soup restaurant from Ege’den, which is even a guest on the news in Istanbul.

Vegetable Soup

Vegetable soup, preferred by vegetable lovers and vegetarians, is indispensable for cold weather with its rich content. This delicious soup with winter vegetables is sure to be found in every soup restaurant, and it will give you a different pleasure to eat at Şayan.

Yogurt Soup

This soup also called spring soup, is served hot in cold summers and winters. This soup, in which legumes and optionally meat or chicken are added is a local delicacy. This soup, which is legendary for its vitamin, has won the attention and admiration of foreign tourists.

While you are breathing in the historical streets of Istanbul in winter, you can find many more soups to warm you up when you are hungry.