Best Activities to Do with Children in Istanbul

Best Activities to Do with Children in Istanbul

Best Activities to Do with Children in Istanbul

Best Activities to Do with Children in Istanbul

With the hustle of the world, sometimes we forget our kid's necessities. We also have the responsibility of entertaining them as well as feeding them and giving them the love they need. It may also be quite hard to find things to do with your kid but in Istanbul, it won't be hard to find an activity to do with your children.

Visit an Aquarium

There are many different aquariums that you can visit in Istanbul. You will witness the beauty of lovely sea creatures from all around the world with your kid. You can also explore a variety of thematic zones at the aquariums. You will be amazed at how much fun you will have with your children.

Madame Tussauds Istanbul

Today's children know celebrities from all around the world. Madame Tussauds offers vax life-size vax replicas of celebrities, historical icons, and historical heroes from history. Take a photo with a celebrity that your child loves, and see them smile.

Istanbul Toy Museum

Visiting a museum with your children can be boring for them, yet, this museum is a fun-guaranteed one for your children. The museum opened on April 23, a national holiday in Turkey, National Sovereignty and Children's Day. Currently, the museum displays 4,000 toys and miniatures from Turkey and beyond; many of the exhibits are antiques, some dating back nearly 200 years. There are even Star Wars figures at the museum. Also, you may have nostalgia seeing the toys from your time. It's a win-win, both you and your children can have fun in the museum.

Take a Ride on the Nostalgic Tram

There is a saying that kids love trains. Have you ever seen your kids rejecting your offer to a ride on a train/tram that circles around? So, after strolling around Istiklal Street, take a ride with your children with joy.

The Princes’ Islands

Do you feel like you have the most energetic kids in the world? Your children will consume all their energy at Princes' Islands. Without the worry of your children getting hit by a car, they can run freely around with one of the most beautiful scenes of Istanbul. You can take a walk to the nature of the islands or rent a bicycle to wander around.

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