Best Winter Drinks to Try in İstanbul

Best Winter Drinks to Try in İstanbul

Best Winter Drinks to Try in İstanbul

Best Winter Drinks to Try in İstanbul

While the winter is near and the weather is just getting colder, the need to feel warmer increases. In cases that we are outside, it's cold and, we want to enjoy a hot drink to feel warm, we go into cafes for a drink. Nothing feels more satisfying than sipping your hot drink at that moment. Especially, the Turkish winter drinks are some of the best drinks in the whole world. 


Orchids have fascinated people for centuries. It surprised people not only with its appearance and beauty but also with its taste and medicinal power. The idea of ​​turning salep into a beverage first came from the Turks. Since the Turks, who turned to Islam in the 8th century, could not drink alcoholic beverages, they came up with the idea of ​​making a hot and milky drink from the Orchids. Wild orchid tubers are cleaned, boiled, dried, and ground into flour. It is the essence of this soft, comforting, but also medicinal beverage. Also, it can help to heal respiratory problems like bronchitis. 


Create new, healthy habits with Boza. Being one of the oldest Turkish drinks, Boza is made from more fermented grains. Boza is a traditional drink and contains healthy ingredients like protein and calcium. It can be consumed by both adults and kids. Kids like it because of its sweetness while adults like it for its healthy properties. It is served cold, yet, it is considered a winter drink because it has a warming effect when drunk. In short, drink Boza to stay healthy!

Kuşburnu Çayı (Rosehip Tea)

Explore other benefits of consuming rosehip tea, other than the flavor. Rosehip tea is a soothing drink that will give you a warm feeling. You will be able to experience the benefits of rosehip tea while delighting in a delightful taste. Rosehip tea is also among the most consumed medical teas. Aids in the prevention of viral infections, colds, flu, etc., strengthens the immune system, maintains healthy cholesterol levels. 

Turkish Coffee

We couldn't imagine the list without Turkish coffee, of course. Turkish coffee adds flavor to friendships and conversations with its distinct taste and aroma. To express the significance of Turkish coffee in Turkey, there is a well-known saying: "A cup of coffee commits one to forty years of friendship." The coffee is really strong, and the concoction is thick and gloopy with a distinct aroma. We would recommend you to try one at the Grand Bazaar.