Violin Virtuoso Farid Farjad and Istanbul

Violin Virtuoso Farid Farjad and Istanbul

Violin Virtuoso Farid Farjad and Istanbul

Farid Farjad is one of the best violin virtuosos in the world. Many listeners from all over the world find something in Farid Farjad and have a great time with his unique music. The artist, who plays the violin masterfully, has undoubtedly brought a new breath to the music world. First of all, how about getting to know him a little bit?

Farjad, a US citizen of Persian descent, was born in Tehran in 1938. He received his master's degree in classical music at the Tehran Music Conservatory in 1966. In the following years, Farjad, who took important roles in the Tehran Symphony Orchestra and had deep knowledge in Persian folk music, carried out important studies on Western classical music with the violin.

Farjad, who had to leave his country and settle in the United States due to the revolution that took place in Iran in 1979, states that his exile from his country changed his world of feeling rather than its effect on the development of his music. His source of inspiration is the music he grew up listening to in Iran.

Farid Farjad has given concerts in numerous countries to bring his music to the world. However, Turkey, especially Istanbul, has a special place in the heart of this successful artist. So much so that he even composed a piece for Istanbul.

Istanbul has influenced many artists for centuries. It has inspired many artists with the melancholia and happiness it carries in this unique city. The blue waters of the Bosphorus, its historical and cultural texture, and the anxiety of the crowds give this city a special texture and become a source of inspiration for artists.

We can see Farid Farjad's love for Turkey and Istanbul in many of his interviews. He has previously stated that one of his greatest desires is to breathe his last in Turkey. The artist, who has come to Istanbul to give concerts many times, has always been met with great interest. He attributes the Turkish audience's interest in him to the common ties between Iran and Turkey. Farjad expresses his special interest in Istanbul at every opportunity.