Traditional Turkish Herbalists

Traditional Turkish Herbalists

Traditional Turkish Herbalists

Traditional herbalists are people who use phytotherapy, aromatherapy, and natural therapy. Turkey is a preliminary country about the richness of endemic plants, and it is on the route of the historical herbal and spice trade. Historically located on the Spice Road and Silk Road, the herbal medicine culture in Turkey goes back a long way. The most well-known of these is Lokman Hekim, who is to have found the potion of immortality. Moreover, the Egyptian Bazaar, where the selling of herbs and spices, is still in operation today. With the spread of herbal products over time, Turkey has established some standards for using medicinal herbs in medicine. In addition, the Ministry of Health set up a committee on the screening and the protection of medicinal herbs in 2014. This delegation made an inventory of endemic plants and increased their studies steadily.

Traditional Turkish Aktars

Aktars have been responsible for selling herbs and spices since the Ottoman period. In the Ottoman Empire, traditional herbalists were divided into groups as sellers of plants, pastes, plant roots, and spices. Although medicine and pharmacy culture has formed since the 19th century, traditional herbal treatment has always existed.

Who are Contemporary Traditional Turkish Herbalists?

Ahmet Maranki and Suna Dumankaya are the most well-known people who have established their brands concerning herbal medicine. Both are experts in nutrition with herbals and natural skincare.

Ahmet Maranki, who studied cosmology, has been known for his work in agriculture since the 1990s. He specializes in treatment with plants, healthy recipes, and plant extracts. His products sold under the insurance of his name are herbal teas, herbal tablets, and medicinal stones. The book "Medicinal Herbs in the Light of Cosmic Science" which combines knowledge of cosmology, horoscopes, and eating habits, is his best-known work.

Suna Dumankaya; states that she learned the treatment method with traditional herbals from her grandmother. Dumankaya, who later improved herself by training in this field, gives information about skincare and using vegetable oils. She shares his knowledge and experiences with his readers with six books she has written to date.

If you are using natural medicinal plants, and supportive treatment, you can visit the Egyptian Bazaar, which is within walking distance of Grand Sirkeci, and buy medicinal spices and herbs from the Egyptian Bazaar.