Street Art and Graffiti in Istanbul

Street Art and Graffiti in Istanbul

Street Art and Graffiti in Istanbul

Street Art and Graffiti in Istanbul

The popularity of the Mural Istanbul festival which has allowed local and international painters to apply their work to the facades of buildings all around Kadıköy has boosted Istanbul's street art scene significantly in recent years. We looked at some of the greatest local painters whose work may be found on the city's buildings and walls.


‘Canavar’ translates to ‘monster,’ and this particular artist’s work has themes that revolve around the most elusive of creatures, somehow expressing their often unspoken but present nature. Canavar’s style always stands out like a welcomed nightmare.


Nuka's style is tough to nail down because he seems to experiment with a variety of styles. A deer may sometimes peer out from behind a thick pink cloud of flowers, while the broad grin of an almost caricature-inspired figure will cause you to pause and return the look. In any case, there's no denying Nuka's skill.


Lakormis is one of the rare female street painters, and her ability is evident in her vivid colors and subjects, which frequently center on the deformed human figure, which appears more beautiful in its abstract condition. Even if her subject matter is far from flowery, you'll quickly know a Lakormis painting because of that distinct feminine touch.

Esk Reyn

Esk Reyn's morphing mechanical constructions appear to be mathematical abstractions at first, but later seem to take on an active shape as they go through their intended framework. Because of this nearly futuristic style, you'll know you're looking at an Esk Reyn work.


Ares' art is notable for its painstaking attention to detail and the flowing shapes of his human figures, who seemed to stare you down with their drooping eyes. Ares is undoubtedly one of Istanbul's most gifted painters, and his work is great because of its honesty.