Healing Mud Baths and Hot Springs in Turkey

Healing Mud Baths and Hot Springs in Turkey

Healing Mud Baths and Hot Springs in Turkey

Healing Mud Baths and Hot Springs in Turkey

Hot springs and mud baths are defined as healing for diseases in alternative medicine. While naturally healing the body with the minerals in the spring water, people get rid of their tiredness with mud baths. Turkey is also well-known for its treatment centers as well as its natural splendors. Although there are thermal facilities and spas throughout the country, the following are the most well-known:

Karahayit Thermal Spring

The color of Karahayıt is red, unlike the white waters of Pamukkale. Metamorphic rocks with high iron content give the healing water this color. In this place, which is five kilometers north of Denizli, the radioactivity level of the water is quite high. It is generally known to heal rheumatism patients. Red mud baths also provide natural benefits to those with skin diseases and heart patients.

Sandikli Hot Spring

With its high sulfur concentration, the Sandikli (Hüdai) is supposed to be the most restorative of the thermal waters and is renowned as the youth-beauty elixir. Every year, a large number of domestic and foreign tourists visit this location, which is one of Afyonkarahisar's favorite thermal springs. Moreover, world-famous mud baths are also good for wounds and injuries.

Karacasu Thermal Springs

The Karacasu thermal springs, five kilometers from Bolu, are classified into two categories: large and tiny. Its water has been certified by the ministries, and it is surrounded by various thermal facilities. In addition, in the Karacasu Spa area, there is a Physiotherapy Hospital.

Kizilcahamam Thermal Springs

The Kizilcahamam Thermal Spring, located north of Ankara, comprises the Large and Small Thermal Springs, both known to have been used during Roman and Selcuk times. The water's temperature ranges between 36 and 50 degrees, and it's known to be of natural mineral water quality.

Sultaniye Hot Springs

Sultaniye Hot Springs, used as a hospital in the Roman Period, is located in Muğla. Sultaniye Thermal Spring is the second largest radioactive hot spring after the largest thermal spring in the world. It is known that it cures everything of those who have a loss of sensation in their body to gynecological diseases, from blood pressure problems to respiratory diseases. It is also famous for its sulfurous mud baths. It is said to rejuvenate and beautify those who take mud baths.