Top Brunch Places in Fatih

Top Brunch Places in Fatih

Top Brunch Places in Fatih

Brunch, which means breakfast at noon, has become increasingly common in recent years. A brunch is an ideal option, especially for working people and those who want to spend time with their families on the weekends. In addition, brunch is a good meal for tourists who want to discover the traditional flavors of the places they visit. The traditional Turkish breakfast already reflects the brunch culture with the foods it contains. Fatih, a prominent region of Istanbul with tourists from all over the world, also offers very good options in terms of food. You can find cafes and restaurants serving brunch in Fatih, the most tourist-attracting region of Istanbul. So how did the brunch culture emerge, and where are the places you can go for brunch in Fatih?

What is the Concept of Brunch?

Brunch is an English idea developed by combining the words breakfast and lunch. Brunch, which is called breakfast at noon, is usually between 12:00 and 15:00. There are many examples of the brunch concept around the world. For example, the British consume baked mushrooms, pudding, and tea with milk alongside egg varieties. Americans make egg recipes they call "Eggs Benedict". Brunch in Turkey includes foods such as menemen, mihlama, pancakes, cheese variations, and börek.

Balat Antik Kafe

Balat, one of the most cosmopolitan districts of Fatih, stands out with its boutique cafes, colorful concepts, and restaurants serving delicious food. You can choose Balat Antik Cafe for brunch in Balat, preferred by many local and foreign tourists, especially on weekends. In addition to traditional Turkish breakfast foods on colorful armchairs and tables, you can consume spring rolls, french fries, bagels, bread varieties, and unlimited tea. If you wish, you can continue your pleasure by drinking Turkish coffee after breakfast. Another striking feature of the place is that it provides the opportunity to dine at the places reserved for you on the colorful verandas.

7tepe Sahne Café

Located in Fatih Süleymaniye, the cafe offers you a brunch experience accompanied by a panoramic view of Istanbul. Don't you want a brunch accompanied by the sounds of birds and seagulls when the sun is at its peak? In addition to traditional Turkish delicacies, there are also options, such as fruit plates, börek, and Turkish coffee. If you wish, you can smoke hookah in the open air or consume refreshing drinks after brunch. You can also go as a large group with your family or loved ones.

Dubb Ethnic Restaurant

You can find meals for every meal of the day at Dubb Ethnic Restaurant, which offers a selection of Turkish, Middle Eastern, and Mediterranean cuisine. For brunch, you can consume delicious Middle Eastern appetizers and salads in addition to breakfast items. Dubb Ethnic Restaurant, which has two floors and a wooden structure, draws attention with its calm atmosphere. You can try traditional Indian brunch delicacies like Papdam and Samosa here.