Best Places to Photograph in Istanbul

Best Places to Photograph in Istanbul

Best Places to Photograph in Istanbul

Best Places to Photograph in Istanbul

There is no doubt that Istanbul is a charming city with one of the most photogenic places. This appealing metropolis, where East and West meet, is a mash-up of Europe and Asia, steeped in history and culture, and reflects the many empires that formerly ruled the city. From museums to towers, we compiled some of the best places to photograph in Istanbul.

Galata Tower

Being one of the most visited places in Istanbul, Galata Tower is all over its visitors' social media accounts. This tower has 63m in height and gives breathtaking views to its visitors from the top. You can take beautiful pictures from the bottom of the Galata Tower and from the streets that have a view of the tower.


The Bosphorus is a 19-mile-long strait that separates Asia and Europe. While cruising along the Bosphorus, you will be able to take pictures of the city with the sea. If city lights look attractive for you, you can take pictures in the evening as the city shines, and maybe you can include the moon.

Basilica Stern

One of the most stunning ancient buildings in Istanbul is Basilica Cistern. The lighting is achieved by placing red lights at the foot of each column, which reflects on the water below, giving the cistern a stunning crimson tint. This way, the photos that are taken in Basilica Stern are always aesthetically pleasing.

Dolmabahce Palace

A sumptuous palace situated on Besiktas, Dolmabahce Palace is just for the photographers that are into architecture. The entire palace has breathtaking structures that you can take pictures of. Also, you can enjoy its gardens and the Bosphorus gate that overlooks the strait.

Blue Mosque

Being the mosque nearly every tourist wants to visit, Blue Mosque has an impressive interior design that looks stunning nearly in every picture. Not just the interior design, also its outdoor design with six minarets makes the mosque look beautiful. When the city darkens in the evening, the minarets of the mosque shines. So, it is recommended to visit the mosque in the early evening to take stunning pictures.

Pierre Loti

Pierre Loti, where you can enjoy lunch with breathtaking views of the city and the Marmara sea, is a place which most photographers in Istanbul visit at least once. Pierre Loti overlooks the Golden Horn with a perfect angle.

Topkapi Palace Museum

Take your camera out! Because both it's inside and out, Topkapi Palace is the perfect place to take pictures. The Topkapi Palace used to be the sultan's residence and administrative headquarters. It is surrounded by the Marmara Sea, the Bosphorus, and the Golden Horn. You can prefer to take pictures of the lavish interiors and treasures or prefer to step outside and take pictures of the broad views of courtyards and the water.