Must-Visit Ancient Caves in Turkey

Must-Visit Ancient Caves in Turkey

Must-Visit Ancient Caves in Turkey

Must-Visit Ancient Caves in Turkey

Turkey is a country endowed with a rich history, delectable food, and a slew of stunning beaches on which to unwind. In addition to the natural beauty of the terrain, there are lovely mountains in the background. Apart from that, another feature that distinguishes Turkey is its natural caverns, which can be seen in abundance in Cappadocia. The caves in Turkey are unique in their own right, which is one of the compelling reasons to visit this nation and explore these natural caves.

Altinbesik Cave

The Altinbesik cave, located on the western slope of Manavgat Hill, is one of Turkey's most famous caverns. This partially functioning cave system gets its name from the Altinbesik hill on the cave's top side. This cave, carved from ancient limestone, is surrounded by mysterious natural beauty and remarkable local architecture.

Ayvani Cave

The Ayvani Cave, one of Turkey's lesser-known yet old caves, is one of the city's hidden natural treasures. It is located 2 kilometers south of Uluabat Lake, not far from the town of Mustafakemalpasa. This natural cave was discovered in 1970 and opened to the public around 1970.

Kizilelma Cave

This natural cave, located in the KizilElma section of Ayici village in the Gelik region, is one of Turkey's most renowned. Visitors may readily access this location by automobile. This is an excellent destination for those who enjoy exploring the depths of nature.

Yanasu Cave

The Yanasu cave is another of Turkey's top caves. This cave is made up of two caverns that originated in distinct geological eras. At the entry, a collapsed hall serves as the main gallery and is regarded as one of the most dynamic areas.