Best Vegan Restaurants in Istanbul

Best Vegan Restaurants in Istanbul

Best Vegan Restaurants in Istanbul

Best Vegan Restaurants in Istanbul

City of countess options, there is everything for everyone here in Istanbul. Istanbul is filled with people across the globe, each following different kinds of diets. Since the food of other cultures can be found in Istanbul along with traditional Turkish tastes, there are many vegan restaurants in Istanbul that manage to be a safe-place resort for people following a vegan diet. These eco-friendly restaurants focus on serving the best of their vegan dishes while maintaining minimum damage to nature. If you ever wish to visit the best vegan restaurants in Istanbul, we have prepared a list – so that you can easily find the one that suits you.


Located in an alleyway in Beyoğlu, Taksim, Helvetia is a classic vegan-vegetarian restaurant that provides the cheapest and delicious types of vegan foods. Tastes across the globe in addition to traditional Turkish flavours, especially olive oil rich Mediterranean foods, could be found in this small restaurant. This restaurant provides five different types of foods you can fill your plates with.  

Bi Nevi Deli

Project of young women, Bi Nevi Deli is a thriving vegan restaurant operating since 2014 in Etiler neighborhood, Beşiktaş. This plant and whole food-based restaurant provides the healthiest options for their visitors while leaving their customers conscience at ease. A menu filled with exotic vegetables and fruits, meals prepared in the most creative ways possible and delicious desserts are some of the pleasing aspects of Bi Nevi Deli. If you wish to taste the best vegan-friendly foods, make sure to pay a visit to Bi Nevi Deli.


Worldwide known chain vegetarian restaurant and café Govinda has a branch in Mecidiyeköy, Istanbul as well. Based upon Indian cuisine, Govinda is the first vegetarian restaurant offering the best tastes of Indian cuisine. Located inside a yoga and meditation center, this restaurant accomplishes to preserve the flavours of traditional culture with a history of more than 5000 years. In service since 2013, Govinda shines bright with its great range of foods and healthy dishes. Made by the contribution of highly talented chefs, these sacred tastes reach levels of admiration. Visit Govinda to try these vegan choices.


This vegan-friendly restaurant has a fashionable serving attitude along with their main principle to provide the healthiest options for their customers. With such a goal to fulfill the desires of customers, Inkase brags about using the most organic and fresh products in their dishes. Generally serving dishes in stuffed bowls, Inkase shines with their presentations and the great tastes that their foods have. With the minimalistic understanding of not wasting anything, Inkase manages to soothe both the mind and body of their visitors. If you wish to have an authentic experience while following a vegan diet, make sure to visit Inkase.

Healin Foods

Acquiring the slogan of “Natural, fresh, clean food”, Healin Foods aim to fulfil every needs of the human body while providing a gluten-free vegan and vegetarian menu. In service since 2017, Healin Foods is located in Şişli. Consisting the healthiest choices for their customers, this restaurant carefully prepares their every dish in order to prepare the most robust food. To take care of you body and diet, make sure to pay a visit to Healin Foods.