Taşköprü in Adana

Taşköprü  in Adana

Taşköprü in Adana

Taşköprü in Adana

Taşköprü, the most important landmark of Adana, has a history that defies time. The history of this structure, which fascinates everyone who goes to Adana, goes back to ancient times. 

Stone Bridge on the Seyhan River connects Seyhan and Yüreğir districts. It was built by the Roman Emperor Hadrianus in the 4. century. The 1700-year-old bridge was erected by an architect named Auxentios during the Roman Imperial Period, according to its epitaph at the Adana Archeology Museum. 

Stone Bridge has a length of 319 meters and a height of 13 meters. 14 of the 21 arches are still standing. On the big arch in the middle, there are two lion reliefs. It is one of the world's oldest bridges still in service.

The Roman bridge method is also seen here. Almost every arch on the Stone Bridge is of a different size. The cause for this diversity is due to the diverse building techniques used by engineers from different eras.

Directorate-General for Highways completed a large-scale repair to the bridge in 1948. After these upgrades, the bridge's deck width was between 8.00 and 8.50 meters. Tuff stone, marble, and spolien were used to construct Taşköprü. The eastern side of the bridge, in particular, retains the features of the time in which it was erected. In the past, the bridge was constructed using the infill wall technique, and the eastern section retains its original appearance.

Until the 2000s, the ancient bridge was unnecessarily enlarged, and as a result, it was harmed. The bridge was pedestrianized when the repairs were completed.

The lion and crescent-star flag reliefs on the arch above the 11th part in the north are the most spectacular fragments in Taşköprü.

Legends have sprung up around Taşköprü. According to legend, one of the magicians predicted that the snake would murder the king of Adana's daughter. Alarmed, the king dispatched his daughter to the island in the middle of the river that flows through the city. However, the girl was murdered by a snake that arrived on the island in a basket full of grapes. In honor of his daughter, the king ordered Taşköprü built. He also hid money in the bridge's feet so that it could be rebuilt if it were to be destroyed.

If you happen to be in Adana, we definitely recommend seeing Taşköprü.