Best Aquariums in Istanbul

Best Aquariums in Istanbul

Best Aquariums in Istanbul

Best Aquariums in Istanbul

While some parts of the underwater world remain a mystery, people want to take a closer look at the animals which make aquariums such interesting attractions. Aquariums around Turkey are mostly chosen for having a variety of animals from different habitats. They are considered the perfect destination to visit with children and teaching them the marine life: animals and different kinds of plants which shape the world under the water. While some aquariums located in Turkey are home to the biggest fishes in the world, some of them offer you a chance to swim with dolphins and even interact with them! If you are looking for a family-friendly place to discover huge mammals, vibrantly colored fishes, known predators such as hammerhead sharks, and thousands of different animals, we have identified destinations you have to see.

Istanbul Aquarium

Being the world's largest thematic aquarium, Istanbul Aquarium has fish species from all around the world's seas. With its 1000 m2 rainforest and interactive new generation technology, Istanbul Aquarium is not just Turkey's best, but one of the best in the world. In the aquarium, all the creatures live in similar environments to their natural habitats. Istanbul Aquarium has different sections that you can enjoy, such as 5D cinema, Amazon rainforest, and hurricane simulator. Furthermore, Istanbul Aquarium is an official member of the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums and includes a shopping mall and a five-star hotel.

Sea Life Istanbul

Located in a shopping mall Forum, Sea Life Istanbul is an amazing underwater world where you can see a lot from undersea life and fish. It has 29 different aquariums that include different habitats, where you can observe various species like sharks to octopuses. Sea Life includes many thematic galleries such as rainforest, black sea, an underwater tunnel.

Viasea Aquarium

In Viasea Aquarium, the world's first climate-themed aquarium, you can witness the lives of thousands of underwater creatures and magnificent reptiles living in different climate zones. While visiting the Viasea aquarium, you will observe the exotic underwater world and fascinating creatures. Viasea Aquarium, Turkey's first underwater exotic zoo with its Crocodile Park and Bird Paradise units.

Emaar Aquarium

Go deep into the fascinating world of the oceans. A new aquarium experience is awaiting visitors at Emaar Aquarium & Underwater Zoo. With a 1.2-million-liter water capacity, Emaar Aquarium & Underwater Zoo is home to more than 20,000 aquatic animals and amphibians representing more than 200 species.