Best Asian Restaurants in Istanbul

Best Asian Restaurants in Istanbul

Best Asian Restaurants in Istanbul

Best Asian Restaurants in Istanbul

Cradle of civilizations and different cuisines, Istanbul possesses a great variety of different foods available at your own choosing. Whether you want to take full of traditional Turkish tastes or want to enjoy a meal from anywhere across the globe, Istanbul is there to fulfill your desires. As with the cosmopolitan population structure it possesses, it is not a great shock to encounter different world cuisines here. There are many refined Asian restaurants located in Istanbul that provide the best for their customers. One of the unique aspects that makes these restaurants special is their success in serving their tastes while managing to replicate the Asian culture in the best way possible. Let us take a closer look at some of the most refined Asian restaurants in Istanbul.


Located in the Şişli district of Istanbul, Zuma successfully manages to provide the best of modern Japanese cuisine while maintaining the cultural values of its products. With a variety of seating options as well as having an authentic culinary custom. Considered the best Japanese restaurant in Istanbul by numerous critics, Zuma is a must to visit.


Known for its slogan “food for the soul,” Banyan primarily focuses on Thai foods. Stationed in the middle of a hill in Ortaköy, this restaurant provides a mesmerizing view over the Bosphorus and Istanbul. Combining a great view with the exceptional tastes that fulfill the soul, Banyan becomes an unforgettable experience for its visitors. This restaurant comes with various foods from different Asian cultures, but most special foods done by highly talented chefs are specifically Thai foods. With a menu providing more than 50 kinds of other foods, Banyan manages to receive numerous awards each year.  

Shang Palace

Shangri-La Bosphorus’s special restaurant, Shang Palace offers the best Cantonese foods. This incredibly luxurious restaurant with a historical background manages to portray the best of Chinese culture successfully. With an exceptional Chinese staff, Shang Palace aims to give the best type of culinary introduction of Cantonese and Chinese cuisine in the most pleasurable way possible. Located in the Beşiktaş district near Bosphorus, Shang Palace is a restaurant that you must visit.

Dragon Restaurant

With a history and experience of more than 30 years, Dragon Restaurant is among the first restaurants in Turkey to provide high-quality Chinese, Cantonese, Szechuan, and Indochinese foods. Located in the Şişli district of Istanbul on the European side, this restaurant shines with its special decorations manufactured in Taipei in order to fit traditional Chinese restaurants. If you wish to taste the best of Asian cuisine while feeling the peaceful vibes they possess, Dragon Restaurant would be one of your best choices.

Inari Omakase Japanese Restaurant

Presenting the Japanese culture’s traditional tastes and lifestyle, Inari Omakase is one of the most renowned Asian restaurants in Istanbul with its unique Japanese food and fascinating presentations. As it has two different locations in Kuruçeşme and Ayazağa neighborhoods, it is easy to reach this fantastic restaurant from every part of Istanbul.