Best Bookshop Cafes in Istanbul

Best Bookshop Cafes in Istanbul

Best Bookshop Cafes in Istanbul

Best Bookshop Cafes in Istanbul

Few things go together better than bookstores and coffee, and Istanbul offers plenty of both. Whereas some cafes have limited space, these are the places that invite extended visits and create a peaceful ambiance while you read a book. Here are five bookshop cafés that will gladly accommodate you during your stay.

Minoa Cafe & Bookstore     

Since 2014, Minoa has been an independent bookstore in Beşiktaş Akaretler. In the bookstore, there is also a cafe-brasserie area with seating for 80 people.

Minoa's shelves are loaded with a wide range of Turkish and English literature. When the skies are clear, the outside patio is a perfect location to relax.

Sancho Panza

When you enter this two-floor space, especially when you go up to the second floor, you feel yourself in a giant library. Sancho Panza, which has won our hearts once again with its animal friendliness, is an invaluable treasure for students as well as for those who want to read their book calmly while drinking their coffee.

You can sip their delicious coffee while immersed in your book with jazz melodies playing in the background, fall in love with their homemade cheesecakes, and immerse yourself in Sancho spicy pasta when you are hungry. There is nothing on the menu that is not delicious.

Tasarım Bookshop & Café

Tasarım Bookshop & Cafe has numerous publications in architecture, decoration, art, fashion, graphics, literature, and novels from Turkey and around the world. An ideal place to spend a pleasant time, Tasarım Bookshop & Cafe is a quiet place where research and studies can get done, you can have pleasant conversations between books, and you can experience delicious items on the menu.

You can also attend periodic poetry readings, design events, launches, and various meetings organized by Tasarım Bookshop & Cafe.


FiL is a space dedicated to photo books, coffees, and workshops in Karakoy, Istanbul. Though mainly focused on photography, they also have books on history, children’s books, journals, and independent publications.

They also have delicious coffees, cakes, and sandwiches. They organize talks and workshops on photography, art, design, education, and publication.

Cherry Bean Coffees

Cherry Bean Coffees draws attention not only with its fresh coffees but also with its library that encourages its regulars to read.

At Cherry Bean Coffees, raw coffee beans are roasted in-house. For this reason, a coffee scent accompanies your coffee book pleasure at Cherry Bean Coffees. It can be a little difficult to leave this delicious scent when you have to leave, but it’s worth it.

Page Cafe Gallery

Page Cafe Gallery. Its difference from other cafes is hidden in its name. This coffee shop is also a small gallery. Many different pictures are adorning its walls, and you can leave Page Cafe Gallery with one of these pictures. It also has a large library and books that decorate it.

If you are looking for a different and yet quiet place, if you want to have delicious coffee and dessert, and to have beauties that you can explore, this is an address you should stop by.