Best Winter Drinks to Try Out in Istanbul

Best Winter Drinks to Try Out in Istanbul

Best Winter Drinks to Try Out in Istanbul

Best Winter Drinks to Try Out in Istanbul

Winter in Istanbul has a unique beauty. Winter will give you fascinating days in this wonderful city. Well, what is one of the most beautiful things that will make cold winter days beautiful? Hot drinks to warm you up, of course! We have listed the most beautiful hot drinks that will make the colorful atmosphere of the city wonderful for you in the winter. Let's warm up a little.


Boza, the traditional drink of Istanbul, of course, welcomes us at the top of the list. Its pleasant taste helps to warm you up. Boza, produced from millet semolina, sugar, and water, contains vitamins A, B, C, and E. When fermented, it has a digestive effect with the lactic acid it has. 


Salep is obtained from the underground tubers of the orchid family. It is prepared by drying the plant, then powdering it and blending it with cinnamon. Salep is made ready to drink by adding milk or hot water. This delicious winter drink, which is consumed by adding cinnamon, strengthens the heart and treats colds.

Rose Hip Tea

This healthy drink, which our grandmothers used to prepare on a hot stove, is now very popular. Rosehip tea is a beverage you can enjoy in Istanbul with its taste and numerous health benefits. Rosehip tea, which is very rich in vitamin C, boosts immunity.

Mint and Lemon Tea

This miraculous drink, which has the power to heal every disease, will make winter days warmer for you. You are safe against diseases with this tea that comes out with the delicious combination of mint and lemon.

Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate, a source of happiness, was a must on this list. It is the indispensable drink of the winter all over the world. It is a recipe that will warm you up with the delicious taste of chocolate.

Echinacea Tea

We present to you another miracle from the plant world. Echinacea has become an integral part of winter teas, especially in recent years. Flu and colds will not come to you thanks to this drink, which is very beneficial for your health.


We thought we'd save the classic for last. The taste of coffee, an integral part of every month in summer and winter, is unique in winter. You can admire the city once again by drinking hot coffee at numerous coffee stops in Istanbul.