Garipçe Village in Sarıyer

Garipçe Village in Sarıyer

Garipçe Village in Sarıyer

It is almost impossible to find quiet places in Istanbul away from the environmental noise. However, you can find such villages in the green areas in the northern parts of the city. Located 10 km from Sarıyer, Garipçe Village is a small village where settlement has been since Ottoman times. The village reminds us of the Black Sea villages with their seaside location and surrounded by greenery. So, what awaits you in Garipçe Village?

Attractions in Garipçe Village

Located between Rumeli Feneri and Rumeli Kavagi, Garipçe Village has Byzantine and Ottoman buildings. Built between 1557 and 1573, the castle has survived to the present day. On the highest hill of the village, there is a historic watchtower to spy on the sea. In addition, there are baths, church ruins, and some ruined houses in the so-called great harbor area. The port has not reached the present day. Soğuksu Fountain and Hacının Suyu Fountain are other historical buildings to visit.

Although Garipçe Village is not very rich in restaurants, there are nice places to eat buffet breakfast and seafood. Garipçe Village Asmaaltı is set in a 130-year-old wooden building. Garipçe Village Aydın Fish Restaurant is also very popular because it is on the coast. Here you can have a traditional Turkish breakfast in the morning and consume seafood in the evening.

Garipçe Beach (Menekşe Beach)

You can also swim on the beaches near the village of Garipçe. The most preferred and clean of these beaches is Menekşe beach. Access to the beach is provided by boats. You can go to the women-only beach with your family on weekends. Chaise-lounges, parasols, and shower cabins can be found on the beach. After the beach, you can stop by Rumeli Feneri Village, where you can have dinner with your loved ones.