5 Castles Located in Istanbul

5 Castles Located in Istanbul

5 Castles Located in Istanbul

5 Castles Located in Istanbul

Istanbul is a rare city that has hosted many civilizations since ancient times. These civilizations left many legacies, and some of these valuable legacies have survived. Castles are among the most important historical ruins in the city. It is possible to come across these historic buildings in many parts of Istanbul. In this article, we will talk about five castles located in Istanbul.

Rumeli Feneri Castle

Rumeli Feneri Castle was built perfectly in the 18th century by a Greek architect on the north side of Istanbul, which is generally known as the region where the Greeks were located. The castle is a lighthouse built to monitor the entrance of French and British ships into the strait during the Crimean War.

Yoros Castle

Yoros Castle is located on the Anatolian side within the boundaries of the Beykoz district. Completed in 1262, Yoros Castle was in a very strategic position. With inscriptions from the Eastern Roman period on its walls, this castle remained under the control of the Genoese for a period. It was built against the dangers coming from the Black Sea. Yoros Castle provided great benefits in preventing attacks from the north to Istanbul.

Aydos Castle

Aydos Castle, located at the highest point of Istanbul, dates back to the 11th century. The castle, which is declared a first-degree archaeological site, is within the borders of the Sultanbeyli district. It was used as a defense line of Eastern Rome against the Ottomans. Aydos Castle has become one of the places frequently visited by climbing lovers in recent years.

Şile Castle

Şile Castle is one of the castles on the Black Sea coast of Istanbul. The construction date of the castle, which was built in the Eastern Roman period as a watchtower, is not known precisely. Yıldırım Beyazıt conquered the castle in 1396. It provided an excellent opportunity for the Ottomans to control the Bosphorus traffic and dominate the region after this date.

Riva Castle

Riva Castle, located in the Beykoz district, is also referred to as Revan Castle in the archives. Just like Rumelifeneri, the castle built in the region, which is mentioned as one of the places where Iason lived in Greek mythology, was a critical defense line in the north of the Eastern Roman period. It was conquered in 1391 by the Ottoman army under the command of Yıldırım Beyazıt.