Where to Buy Silver Jewelry in Turkey?

Where to Buy Silver Jewelry in Turkey?

Where to Buy Silver Jewelry in Turkey?

Where to Buy Silver Jewelry in Turkey?

Silver is a frequently used material for jewelry and accessories since it is more affordable than gold and long-lasting than other cheaper metals. It also can be pretty shiny, turning instantly to a statement piece when worn.

You may be in the right place if you’re looking for silver jewelry while in Turkey because the country has thousands of silver sellers from large firms to mid-sized businesses located mostly in Istanbul.  

History of Silver Jewelry in Turkey

The most popular time period for silver jewelry in the country dates back to the Ottoman Empire, when the sultans had their own jewelry designers at their disposal. It was important for sultans to be bejeweled by precious stones like emerald, ruby, and mother-of-pearl as a way to show off their wealth and power. These stones would be framed by gold, silver, or leather by the highly skilled Armenian and Turkish artisans.

Find the Perfect Silver Jewelry Designs

There are world-famous Turkish jewelry designers with some of the most spectacular pieces of jewelry. One of the most known techniques for traditional Turkish silver jewelry making is the art of filigree, which is a very complex form of art made by using thin silver wires. While having its roots in the 15th century Mesopotamia, today, this art belongs explicitly to a city called Mardin in the southeast region of Turkey. You may find authentic filigree pieces in the tourist spots of Istanbul and Mardin.

How about Modern Silvery Jewelry?

If you are more into modern designs when it comes to wearing accessories, there are so many stores in Istanbul that will help you find what you are looking for. Lucky for you, most of the Turkish silver jewelry is made out of 925 silver that means they contain 92,5% pure silver material. That is why they are much longer-lasting and do not get tarnished easily.

Kismet by Milka

The famous jewelry brand Kismet by Milka is known for its gold and silver products with original and unique details. Although they are mainly focused on using gold materials, you can still find pieces containing silver. The brand is currently available for online and in-store shopping.

Manuk’s Workshop

The owner of this shop Manuk Durmazguler who grew up with the artisans in the famous Kapalicarsi area, owes his success to having been a part of that fetching experience. You can find silver men’s accessories with minimalistic designs in his shop in Beyoglu.

Arman Suciyan

Another award-winning master jewelry designer based in Istanbul is Arman Suciyan, who also grew up in the hectic yet enthralling environment of Kapalicarsi. His collections are a part of outstanding craftsmanship and are mainly made with silver materials and precious stones. You can check out his website or visit his store in the Sisli district in Istanbul.