Best Getaways from Istanbul

Best Getaways from Istanbul

Best Getaways from Istanbul

Best Getaways from Istanbul

After a long week, sometimes a short getaway is in order. However, deciding which destination to visit can be daunting when you only have a weekend to spend. Now let us take a look at a few options around Istanbul.

Lake Sapanca

Lake Sapanca is a freshwater lake in the Marmara region's Sakarya province. It offers a variety of family-friendly activities, from swimming in the lake to exquisite dining in the forest, that are sure to revive you from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Rent a boat or go on a fishing trip to make the most of your time at the lake. Trouts are a popular catch, and several places in the vicinity serve them. You can go swimming or try water sports like kayaking, canoeing, water skiing, and paddleboarding during summertime.


Agva is a place with exceptional beauty and gets frequently visited by residents of Istanbul due to its proximity to the city. With its emerald forests, turquoise rivers, and Black Sea shores, this bit of heaven has a lot to offer its tourists.

Agva, located between the Goksu and Yesilcay streams, welcomes guests of all ages with its natural beauty merged with the Black Sea. This natural marvel beachfront town, where peaceful streams flow into the Black Sea, will serve as medicine to let you forget about your worries and concerns about the city.


Uludag has been Turkey's leading ski resort since the sport began in this country, and it is likely to remain the country's most cosmopolitan winter destination for the foreseeable future. It's been dubbed Turkey's Aspen or St Moritz, and it's a lovely resort with light-colored Alpine chalet-style buildings surrounded by the beautiful forest slopes of a National Park.

Uludag is the highest area in Western Anatolia, and it is one of the best places to ski in Turkey, with its slopes for everyone from beginners to advanced skiers.


Igneada Longoz Forests National Park is a hidden Garden of Eden among the dark green forests in the northernmost edge of the Marmara Region, the last shore, getting washed by the waves of the Black Sea.

Igneada Floodplain Forest National Park spans 2.511 acres and is home to four lakes, hiking trails, various animal species, and natural wonders. The National Park features Turkey's and Europe's largest plain forests with beeches and oaks.

The Longoz woodlands, which are entirely submerged throughout the winter and spring, have a floristic composition of mixed forest trees ranging in height from 8 to 15 meters. Because alluvial soils contain higher levels of microorganism activity, the woods and other plants in this region begin to flower and produce fruit earlier than other plants. The habitat of these woodlands should get protected at all costs. Because these forests are not only a rare natural value for Turkey but also for Europe.

Gulf of Saros

Saros, a tourist destination in North Aegean, has been attracting huge crowds every summer thanks to its natural beauty, atmosphere, sea beaches, and ports in the region.

Saros is flanked by the Gallipoli and Eceabat districts of Çanakkale, and the Keşan and Enez districts of Edirne, in the northeast of the Aegean Sea.

The bay is 75 km long and 35 km wide. Far from industrialized areas and thanks to underwater currents, it is a popular summer recreation resort with sandy strands and crystal-clear sea. Scuba diving, windsurfing, and fishing are the most practiced water sports here.