Turkish Kangal Shepherd Dog

Turkish Kangal Shepherd Dog

Turkish Kangal Shepherd Dog

The Kangal is a Turkish shepherd and guard dog breed. It takes its name from the Kangal District of Sivas. Kangal, unique to Turkey, is a quite popular dog breed. Kangal Dogs produced in Turkey are sent all over the world and make people's jobs easier. For example, Kangal Dogs were sent to Africa to protect herds from hyenas, slats, and many other predators. These dogs were recognized as 'special breeds' by the World Canine Organization.

Kangal Shepherd Dogs are brave, fast, and agile. A Kangal Shepherd Dog is an extremely deterrent weapon against malicious people. These dogs have strong foresight, and they are very loyal to their owner. Also, they are very faithful to their duties. It is known that they stayed on the mountain for days without food or water, for the sheep that leave the herd or stay behind.

Kangal shepherd dogs protected the Anatolian people and their animal herds from malevolent people and wild animals. This species is known to have existed since the time of the Babylonians. These dogs were used as war dogs as well as in hunting horses and lions.

Kangal shepherd dogs originated in Central Asia, and they came to Anatolia together with the Oghuz Turks. The Oghuz Turks settled in Iran and benefited from these dogs in sheep and goat breeding here.

The breed characteristics of Kangal Shepherd dogs have not changed until today. There are very few dog breeds in the world that can choke wolves. Kangal is one of them. For this reason, Kangal Dogs are used as shepherd and guard dogs in rural areas. They fulfill the task assigned to them at the expense of their lives in the most difficult climatic and working conditions. Care and feeding conditions are more straightforward and economical than other dog breeds, which has enabled the continuation of the breed.

Kangal Shepherd Dogs mate twice a year. The gestation period lasts 58-63 days. Females who give birth for the first time can give birth to a maximum of three offspring and up to 10 offspring in subsequent deliveries. The one-and-a-half age of male dogs is the ideal age for first mating. At this age, the body structure of the male Kangal dog is fully developed.