Best Annual Fairs in Istanbul

Best Annual Fairs in Istanbul

Best Annual Fairs in Istanbul

Best Annual Fairs in Istanbul

Istanbul is like a pandora box that contains many beauties. In addition to its historical beauties and excellent venues, it can also be defined as a cultural capital. It also makes a name for itself as it hosts many fairs in the field of culture and arts. Many international fairs are held every year on every subject from culture to arts, handicrafts, furniture to boats. While these fairs attract attention from both local people and tourists, many domestic and foreign brands that want to promote their products also participate in the fairs.

Caffex Istanbul

While even the smell of coffee made at home is enchanting, imagine that you are traveling to the land of many kinds of coffee. We can say that the Istanbul Coffee Fair is a world where all the coffees, coffee machines, and many baristas in the world take place. This fair, which includes various products, many seminars, and tasting times, generally lasts three days.

International Footwear Fair

It is known that Turkey is legendary especially in the production of leather shoes. Based on this, the Footwear Fashion Fair presents both Turkey's most famous designers and the show of talented shoe brands from all over the world. Offering an enchanting feast of shoes and bags, the Footwear Fair is held on certain dates every year.

Istanbul Furniture Fair

This international fair, where you can find everything about furniture, is held every year, usually over six days. The fair, which was held between October 19-24 in 2021, attracted attention with home and office furniture with different designs.

Istanbul Book Fair

Istanbul Book Fair is like a celebration that has become the darling of everyone, regardless of children or adults. This fair, which is held every year, includes discounted books, signing days of famous authors, and various events.

CNR Fashionist

Various fashion shows are also held at this fair, where world brands in evening dresses, wedding dresses, and ready-made clothing are present. This fair, which features new trend products, events, and many more surprises, is eagerly awaited by hundreds of thousands of people every year.

Moreover, Jewelry Fair and Film Festival are also on the list of the best fairs. You can get the invitations by browsing the Istanbul fairs calendar in advance, and you can enjoy the events.