Turkey\'s Health Tourism

Turkey\'s Health Tourism

Turkey\'s Health Tourism

Turkey's Health Tourism

Turkey is a leading medical tourism destination. In 2017, Turkey welcomed 700,000 medical travelers. Turkey's main advantage is that it offers huge discounts compared to other countries. Many treatments cost 50% to 70% less than identical therapy in the EU. Turkey is at a central location, only 2-3 hours from major European and Middle Eastern cities. Turkey provides visa-free travel to over 70 countries.

Turkey’s High Rank

Most nations with cutting-edge medication appeal to overseas patients, but their prices are sometimes exorbitant. In this regard, health tourism in Turkey is a unique example. The prices at the local medical clinics are pretty low. Turkey's geographical and geographical position, the character of enrolled administrations, the environment, the fact that it has 1.5 billion people on three distinct landmasses, and a flight distance of four hours make it the shining star of health tourism globally.

Wide Range of Health Facilities

More than fifty Turkish clinics have received certification from the most respected authority that audits clinical center operations. According to this metric, the country tops Europe and ranks second globally. A JCI endorsement indicates that the clinic employs feasible and safe treatment options for the patient, provides efficient work and pleasant working circumstances.

Turkish Hospitality

Foreigners in Turkey are never treated negatively by the locals. They are always welcoming. There is no intolerance, whether racial, religious or otherwise. Everyone recognizes that the country's economy is significantly reliant on the number of tourists. Hence visitors are always welcome in Turkey.