Best Hair Salons in Istanbul

Best Hair Salons in Istanbul

Best Hair Salons in Istanbul

Best Hair Salons in Istanbul

City of fashion and people, Istanbul gets filled with many high-quality Hair Saloons that provide the best kinds of cuts to their customers. Putting customer satisfaction in the first place, these hair saloons run by highly skilled staff that uses excellent quality equipment manages to give the best service in their sector. As most of the hair salons are mostly specific to men or women, we will take a look at both men's and women's hair salons in this article.

Best Hair Salons for Men

Frontier Barber

Bringing the authentic vibe of New York City’s barbershops, Frontier Barber awaits its customers in Bebek, Istanbul. Established by a foreigner with the name of Brandon Patten, Frontier Barber possess a story of adventure and amazement.

Hair Mafia

With a professional staff and inspiring work-of-thought, Hair Mafia aims to provide a comfort zone to their customers while making the best of their time and money. With two locations respectively in Nişantaşı and Cihangir, the Hair mafia is among the best hair salons in Istanbul.

DeepCut Istanbul

Located in Teşvikiye, DeepCut Istanbul hair saloon manages to successfully fulfill the desires of each customer, giving them the best type of hair that suits them. With their unique designs and quality equipment, this small barber is the saloon that you desperately need to visit.

Salon Veysel

Currently offering the best of their services in three different locations, Salon Veysel combines the modern fashion of our day with the artistic barbering skills of the old days. Providing high-quality products brought to Turkey from across the globe, Salon Veysel manages to give the best care for each of its visitors.

Best Hair Salons for Women

Toprak Şeker

While they provide different hair treatments and cuts, one of the main characteristics that define Toprak Şeker is their hair coloring process. With many highly educated staff members and expensive equipment, Toprak Şeker manages to provide their service for countless women throughout the day.

Ebil Hair Design

In service since 1999, Ebil Hair Design operates with its highly professional members at three different locations as of our day. One of the best choices of many famous stylists and actors, along with models, Ebil Hair Design shines with their deals with famous brands such as Beymen and Vakko. Making the best of their opportunities while satisfying their customers in the best way possible, Ebil Hair Design is among the fanciest hair salons in Istanbul.

Bayram Bal

One of Turkey’s biggest hair salon chains, Bayram Bal’s main salon currently resides in Forum Istanbul Shopping Mall. Opened by the lead initiatives of Yıldıray Çimşir and Ender Bozkurt, Bayram Bal Hair Saloons provides the best service in their chill and relaxed areas.

MALI Hair Salon

Experience of more than 35 years filled with fashion and art, MALI has become the name of quality and brand. Serving at two different locations, the main salon in Avcılar, MALI, is filled with a staff that received education in various countries. Providing such a great range of options, MALI Hair Salon provides solarium services as well.