Traditional Turkish Sports

Traditional Turkish Sports

Traditional Turkish Sports

Turkey is one of the uncommon nations on the planet, which has an article identified with sports in her Constitution. Article 59 of the Constitution says, "The State goes to lengths to foster the physical and psychological well-being of Turkish residents, everything being equal, and supports the spread of sports among the majority. Sports in Turkey turned into a popular and intriguing occasion both as an exhibition sport and for the use of available energy. In this article, we have listed traditional Turkish sports.

Oil Wrestling

Oil Wrestling sport is one of the most famous games in Turkey and gets held every year, and it is perhaps the most troublesome game where wrestlers wear tight shorts made of bison cowhide up. They bless their bodies with olive oil, which prompts trouble getting the rival and putting him on the ground. Rivals in this game are attempting to acquire the brilliant belt. The oil wrestling game has made it to the UNESCO list as a component of the social legacy.

Use of Spear on Horse

The utilization of Spear on Horse sport is flighty in Turkey, it is a troublesome game as it requires riding a horse and scoring focuses by tossing a sharp wooden lance at one point. Accordingly, it needs a ton of solidarity and concentration, this game was exceptionally well-known all-over Anatolia from 50 to 60 years prior.


Artvin, with its one-of-a-kind Kafkasor bullfights which offer scenes of amazing energy, just as its different celebrations and galas, is a place that ought to under no circumstances be missed. The most intriguing part of the celebration hung on the third seven-day stretch of June consistently is the bullfighting. Bulls from all parts of the territory are characterized by the thickness of their necks or weight and set in opposition to each other.