Top Places to Walk from Grand Sirkeci Hotel

Top Places to Walk from Grand Sirkeci Hotel

Top Places to Walk from Grand Sirkeci Hotel

The magnificent hotel of the Historic Peninsula with its unique design, Grand Sirkeci, is also preferred for its proximity to excellent locations. Grand Sirkeci Hotel is a great choice for those who want to enjoy Istanbul on foot. For those who want to see historical places and the unique sights of Istanbul, we have compiled the places within walking distance of Grand Sirkeci for you. You will both do your walk and see the legendary beauties of Istanbul.

Spice Bazaar

Spice Bazaar is a perfect place, especially for shopping lovers. In this bazaar with many entrances, you can find spices and food products, as well as jewelry and clothes. It embraces you with its friendly sellers who have been serving in the same shop for years. Moreover, it is only a 3-minute walk from Grand Sirkeci Hotel.


Eminönü, famous for its ferry port and fishermen, is one of the places you should definitely visit. You can eat a grilled fish sandwich by the sea and feed bagels to the seagulls. You can also visit many historical mosques in Eminönü, which you can reach by walking 5 minutes from Grand Sirkeci Hotel.

Topkapı Palace

Topkapi Palace has great importance for historical architecture fans. Although this structure, which is an Ottoman architecture, has traditional elements, it also adapts to the modern structure of Istanbul. Moreover, the fact that it was used both as a church and a basilica makes it religiously important. It is only 8 minutes walking distance to Grand Sirkeci Hotel.

Grand Bazaar

Although it has a similar function to the Spice Bazaar, it is a bazaar that houses more clothes and jewelry. The Grand Bazaar, which attracts the attention of both local and foreign tourists, is a 9-minute walk from the Grand Sirkeci Hotel.

Gülhane Park 

Gulhane Park takes its name from the fact that it was used as the outer garden of Topkapi Palace, which was decorated with roses during the Ottoman period. You can reach this park adorned with trees and unique flowers in 15 minutes on foot. You should definitely drink tea in the tea-urn urn in the cafes in the park.