Susuz Caravanserai in Burdur

Susuz Caravanserai in Burdur

Susuz Caravanserai in Burdur

Caravanserais, an important place of accommodation and information centuries ago, were found almost everywhere. However, there are very few caravanserais that have survived due to natural events and wars. For this reason, Susuz Caravanserai, which is located on the way to Antalya and Burdur due to its structure and history, attracts the attention of tourists.

The History

Experts also concluded that Keransaray as a whole would not have survived until today. Rulers of the Seljuk Period II. It was found that it was constructed under Gyaseddin Keyhüsrev's reign. Although it is said that there is no clear information because the caravanserai epitaph has not survived to the present day, archaeologists and social scientists believe that this is the closest result. Many copper coins, Roman, and Byzantine tools were discovered during excavations conducted in 2008 in collaboration with Ege University and the Burdur Museum Directorate. According to the excavation work, it is clear that the caravanserai served for long reigns.

The Architectural Features

Susuz Caravanserai, of which only the indoor part has survived, draws attention with its magnificent architecture. In fact, there is no doubt that it has a structure that would make a lot of noise if all of it could survive today. The most striking feature of the inn is the arch-shaped entrance door on the western façade. The side jamb wings of the door floor are decorated with various geometric patterns without leaving any empty space.

There are embossed rosettes above the entrance niche. While false columns rise around this niche, snake figures cover them. These door niches, which also include dragon reliefs, attract the curiosity of tourists.