Top Open-Terrace Places in Fatih

Top Open-Terrace Places in Fatih

Top Open-Terrace Places in Fatih

When people think about Istanbul, the first place that comes to their mind is the Fatih district, which is located within the historical city walls. In addition to the dozens of historical monuments in the Fatih district, it also has different and cosmopolitan neighborhoods. It is possible to find the best flavors of Turkish and world cuisine in these districts, each of them is unique. Those who come to Istanbul as tourists want to watch the panoramic view of the city accompanied by delicious food. Suleymaniye, Golden Horn, Balat, and Kumkapi districts stand out with their restaurants with open terraces, where you can watch the silhouette of Istanbul. So, where are the top open-terrace places in Fatih?

Kubbe-i Aşk (Süleymaniye)

Kubbe-i Ask is located in Fatih's Süleymaniye district. Süleymaniye district carries many traces of traditional Ottoman life. It is famous for its small restaurants and especially its baked beans dish. Kubbe-i Ask is one of the places where those who come to Istanbul as tourists or those who want to enjoy the city can go. The restaurant, which is adjacent to the Süleymaniye Mosque, has a magnificent terrace view. You should definitely add Kubbe-i Ask, which has a rich menu with breakfast, snacks, meat dishes, and other varieties, to your list. Do not forget to take photos while enjoying the magnificent Bosphorus view on the terrace.

Sur Balık (Haliç)

Neighboring the Marmara and Black Seas, Istanbul also stands out with its seafood dishes. If you want to eat delicious fish in Istanbul, you can stop by Sur Balık. Sur Balık, located in the Golden Horn, offers you a magnificent view of the Golden Horn. You can choose Sur Balık, which is open until late at night, for your lunch and dinner. The restaurant, which serves seasonal fish dishes, has a capacity of up to 100 people on its terrace and balcony.

Historical Kumkapı Restaurant (Kumkapı)

The Kumkapi region, which draws attention with its lots of boutiques and old restaurants, exhibits a cosmopolitan structure. The food culture of the region where Turks, Armenians, and Greeks live together is quite diversified. You can find all kinds of fish dishes, meat dishes, and appetizers here. Some of the restaurants spread around Kumkapi square also have an outdoor terrace. Historical Kumkapı Restaurant remarks on its terrace part and interior. The restaurant you can choose for your lunch and dinner offers fish dishes and selections from Mediterranean cuisine.