Things to Do in Nevsehir

Things to Do in Nevsehir

Things to Do in Nevsehir

Things to Do in Nevsehir

Nevşehir is one of Turkey's most important tourist sites. With its beautiful natural marvels, historic sites, and cultural legacy, the city attracts almost 3 million tourists. Simply strolling through Cappadocia's otherworldly terrain is enough of an experience for many. The sights are so mysterious and awe-inspiring that they transform ordinary activities into extraordinary ones. However, the panorama is simply one of Cappadocia's many distinct promises. The ancient underground towns, wild horses, galloping on the slopes of Mount Erciyes, and hot air balloon rides will stir something profound and spiritual inside you.

Underground Cities

Cappadocia is home to more than 35 underground cities. The largest and most well-known are Derinkuyu, Kaymakl, zkonak, and Mucur. The ancient dwellers of the cities were used to living their lives in complete privacy in these cities.

Haji Bektash Veli Complex

Haji Bektash Veli was a 13th-century philosopher who contributed to creating Anatolia's cultural and social life. The Haji Bektash Veli Complex, located in the region of Hacbektaş, was constructed in the 14th century.

Göreme Open Air Museum

From the fourth through the thirteenth centuries, Göreme was home to several historic monasteries. These monasteries have been well conserved and may be seen at the Göreme Open Air Museum. In Cappadocia, the museum lies 13 kilometers from the city center.

Gulludere Valley

Trekking through the region's gorgeous valleys under the moonlight is one of the most extraordinary things in Cappadocia. These walks are organized by Uzunetap and Argos Culture and take place between April and October. The trip begins at 8:30 p.m. in Goreme, in front of the Royal Balloon.

Pigeon Valley

Guvercinlik Valley is one of the most incredible hiking areas in Cappadocia, as there is a route with red markers to keep you on track. This implies you'll be able to go on a nature trek by yourself if you follow the recommendations, rather than feeling obligated to pay a tour guide.