Best Chocolate Boutiques in Istanbul

Best Chocolate Boutiques in Istanbul

Best Chocolate Boutiques in Istanbul

Best Chocolate Boutiques in Istanbul

Chocolate is, without a doubt, the most acceptable way to treat oneself. The mere mention of the word "chocolate" may cause your mouth to wet. Chocolate is the most potent drug, instantly changing your mood from bad to good. We've compiled a list of the must-see Chocolatiers in Istanbul for you! In a pleasant ambiance, these tiny cafés showcase their pastries and sweets with high-quality chocolate. Each of them delivers chocolate in its distinctive style while preserving the charm of this ancient city.

Bolçi, Beyoğlu

Bolçi is a well-known chocolate firm that provides its delicious chocolates to numerous hotels and shops. Its official shop is located on Beyoğlu's principal shopping street, İstiklal Caddesi - a great spot to stop by when visiting this famous area. Bolci has a wide range of goods, including chocolate truffles, chocolate bars, and the iconic mushroom-shaped chocolate candy. You may buy it by the pound to enjoy at your hotel in the evenings, or in a lovely carryout package to give as a gift to your friends and family.

Çikolata Dükkanı, Kadıköy

This little chocolate shop is situated in Moda on Istanbul's Asian side, where the Asian Side's heart pulses. As a result, following your visit to Çikolata Dükkanı, you should take a stroll down Kadköy Street! While offering handcrafted chocolate delights, the business is also available to those who want to buy chocolate in little boxes for their loved ones. You may also savor your chocolate while sitting in or out of tables.

J’adore Chocolatier, Beyoğlu

J'dore Chocolatier is located in Taksim's center. This two-story store will delight both your heart and your tummy with its fantastic atmosphere. J'dore's specialty is Olala Beatrice. It's essentially a chocolate cake with hot chocolate and fruits on top.

Bonne Nuit & Willy Wonka, Beyoğlu-Karaköy-Kadıköy

Bonne Nuit Patisserie will transport you back to a time. All sweets are presented in a distinctive style at three different Istanbul venues. In this chocolatier, you may order liquid chocolate that comes out of a balloon and gently flows down over fresh fruits one day and chocolate put on the seats of tiny ferries wheel the next. This chocolate store, without a doubt, is one you'll never get tired of.