Skate Parks in Istanbul

Skate Parks in Istanbul

Skate Parks in Istanbul

Skate Parks in Istanbul

Skateboarding is both a culture and a sport, and it is even included in the 2020 Summer Olympics. In Turkey's skateboarding history, skateboarding was a disregarded sport, as it was considered a kind of kids’ sport.

However, things have started to change. Even if it isn't arranged regularly, national competitions have started taking place, and both the national and global media are showing interest in skating. The skateboarders in Turkey started to get sponsors. Also, big international skate brands have started to organize tours with Turkish skate teams. Furthermore, In May 2021, the reconstruction of Beşiktaş Square started and Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IBB) took advice from skateboarders who came to the square to skate. So, the skate culture is a growing culture in Turkey, and the municipality invests in skateparks.

Istanbul has many skateparks, and the number is going up lately. Also, Istanbul has coasts that you can skate. In this article, we compiled some of the skateparks that you can visit.

Maltepe Skatepark

With having a 900m2 size, Maltepe Skatepark is the favorite skatepark of many. Individual Skateboarders come here daily to exercise, and also tournaments take place at the skatepark sometimes. It is a place that you can train safely with a large quarter ramp, two medium quarter ramps, two bank ramps, one plaza ramp, one mini halfpipe ramp, one fly box, one wedge grind box, one bump ramp, one stair, one grind box, one wedge rails, one king rails. Furthermore, the Maltepe coast can be an alternative for you with its flat ground roads.

Avcılar Skatepark

If you got the basics of skating, this is the skatepark that you can train and get better at skating. Avcılar Skatepark has a 2000m2 size, and it is generally busy around 4 pm to 8 pm. Avcılar coast can be an alternative for training as the skatepark is located inside of the coast.

Pendik Skatepark

There are one bowl, one spine, two bank ramps, two fun boxes, one-half pyramid, two-quarter pipes, two pyramid corners, four grind boxes, and four grind rails in the 740 square meter park. In addition to the well-equipped parkours for skating enthusiasts, the park also plans to provide training for those who want to start this sport.

Kalamış Skatepark

Kalamış Skatepark is a relatively small skatepark that is designed just for skaters. Kalamış Skatepark is located in a spacious and comfortable area, so many skaters also use this skatepark as an alternative and a place for spending time.