Secret Bays to Visit in Turkey

Secret Bays to Visit in Turkey

Secret Bays to Visit in Turkey

Turkey is a peninsula with the sea on three of its sides. There are still a lot of coves along the coast of Turkey, which boasts some of the most stunning scenery and seas. Tourists use the beaches in practically every region of Turkey, particularly during the summer. Do you desire a tidy, large bay? But do you also want a peaceful getaway? Here are the hidden bays of undiscovered Turkey:

Delikli Bay/Çeşme

Although the beach is pebbly and the sea is cold, it is not a very popular beach but is actually a magnificent secret. What makes this bay special is that it is possible to enter the sea through the holes in the rocks. It will be an excellent choice, especially for those who want to both camp and swim. The only downside is that if you don't have a car, it's a bit difficult to reach this bay, located in the Çeşme district of İzmir.

Gebekse Bay/ Marmaris

This little-known cove, which is 3 km away from Marmaris, can be reached with the help of a small boat. It is a great option for those who want to have a quiet and fun holiday. There is also a historic church in the bay. So you can visit the church after a perfect seaside pleasure.

Gideros Bay / Cide

It is situated in Kastamonu's Cide district and is accessible by private vehicle. Both the sea and the beach have free admission. While experiencing the nature of the Black Sea with lush trees, you can also relax in the sea.

Boyabağı Bay/ Karaburun

This bay, located in Izmir's Karaburun neighborhood, is notable for its turquoise water. This bay, which is in Kösedere Village, fascinates with its silence. The bay can be reached by a winding road lined with olive trees.

Kabak Bay/ Fethiye

Whether you rent a tent or stay in one of the nearby bungalows. This cove, which is in the Faralya Village of Fethiye, was discovered much later because it is difficult to get there. You can pay a set cost to use land vehicles to go to this bay or climb a hard slope to get there. Take full advantage of nature's pleasures.