Public Transportation in Istanbul

Public Transportation in Istanbul

Public Transportation in Istanbul

Public Transportation in Istanbul

Istanbul, the city that connects Asia and Europe, has one of the broadest transportations in the whole world. Although it is a highly congested city, you can easily access everywhere with its trams, metro, buses, and many more transportations that we will mention in this guide. Istanbul's transportation network continuing to extend. 

With COVID-19, some regulations have been made for transportation. All passengers over the age of 6 and traveling to Turkey must complete an online form. The form must be completed within 72 hours before traveling. According to the message issued by the Turkish Ministry of Health, after completing the form, a HES code is automatically generated, allowing Turkish authorities to contact travelers who come into contact with a person positive for COVID-19 directly during their flight or during their trip to the country.

Thus, if you want to use public transportation, you need an Istanbul Kart and a HES code. Istanbul Kart costs 7 TL, you can find it in the small kiosks near metro stations, piers, and bus stations. Then, you can add credit to your card. The one-way fare is 7 TL, the two-way is 11 TL, the three-way fare is 15 TL, the five-way is 23 TL, and the ten-way is 40 TL.


For avoiding congestion, the Metrobus line is one of the best ones. Most of the stops that are served on Metrobus are on the outskirts of the city, yet, it does have some central locations such as Mecidiyekoy, Beylikduzu, and Sogutlucesme. Only the Istanbul Kart and Mavi Kart are accepted for using Metrobus.


Using Tramway, you can reach the main attractions of the city easily. There are two lines on the European side, the T1 line from Kabataş to Sultanahmet and the T4 line from Topkapi to Habibler. It is a useful means of transportation as it is hygienic and quite cheap. 

Metro (Subway)

Currently, there are two lines on the European side (M1 Atatürk Airport-Aksaray / M2 Yenikapi-Haciosman). On the Asian shore, there is a line from Kadikoy to Tavsantepe (M4 metro line). The lines aren't connected yet, unfortunately. You can go to many touristic areas of Istanbul with the M1 metro line. M2 is the longest metro line in Istanbul, and you can visit central areas such as Nisantasi, Taksim Square, and Levent. 


Marmaray is a metro that passes under the Bosphorus. It connects to metro lines and Metrobus, which makes it useful. It enables you to go to Asian shores from Yenikap or Sirkeci. Üsküdar and Ayrilik Cesmesi are two stops on the Asian side. To get to the Kadköy district, take the M4.


There are over 400 bus lines in Istanbul, and most of them work until midnight. Buses run throughout to city. Thus, you can access everywhere except Sultanahmet that is accessible by tram.


Translates to ''vapur'', in Turkish, Ferries can be a way of transportation that will refresh you. By taking the ferry, you will realize how prepossessing Istanbul is. Ferries allow you to move from Europe to Asia. Also, the prices of ferries are quite cheap, and in-service for 24 hours on the weekend.