Turkey\'s Provence: Isparta Lavender Fields

Turkey\'s Provence: Isparta Lavender Fields

Turkey\'s Provence: Isparta Lavender Fields

Can you imagine walking in a magnificent sea of fragrance among purple lavenders? Isn't it a wonderful feeling? Turkey offers you the opportunity to experience this feeling. Lavender fields, which have become especially famous in recent years, are located in Isparta province. It has gained such a reputation that tourists wait in line to take pictures. There are endless lavender fields in Kuyucak Village, known as Lavender Scented Village. In addition to tourists, couples who are going to get married also prefer this place to take beautiful photos.

History of Lavender Fields

The story of how Lavender Village has come to be so well-known began with a rose farmer. A rose farmer from Kuyucak Village was planning a trip to Provence, France. He brought a few lavender seeds to Isparta from this visit. In the fertile soil of Isparta, the seeds they sow with their friends formed a visual feast. People who were having difficulty finding work at the time turned to lavender production, which resulted in the formation of today's lavender fields.

This production in Kuyucak Village, which is increasing day by day, has an important place in Turkey's lavender production. 90% of the lavender produced in Turkey belongs to this village. Of course, government incentives also contributed to the popularity of this village. Thanks to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the United Nations Development Program, Lavender Fields has become more popular.

Before the Lavender Fields, the fields of the village provided only small-scale agriculture. However, now they have great importance in terms of both tourism and lavender production. On the other hand, thanks to these fields, many women living in the village became employed. Thus, the development of the village has taken place.

When Should You Visit Lavender Fields?

Under normal conditions, lavender begins to bloom in June and is harvested in the second week of July. The end of June and the beginning of July is the perfect time to see these fields. Since the harvesting process is difficult, sometimes it can take time, so you have a chance to see lavenders until mid-July.

However, it should not be forgotten that the flowering period may extend due to climatic changes. For this reason, it can be a good method to research tour programs or to observe the conditions of the fields from the related websites. Otherwise, you might miss out on this perfect lavender scenery.