Places to Enjoy Karaoke in Istanbul

Places to Enjoy Karaoke in Istanbul

Places to Enjoy Karaoke in Istanbul

Places to Enjoy Karaoke in Istanbul

Istanbul is such a colorful city that you can do countless activities here. You can feel the nature of the city to the fullest as well as spend days full of dynamism in this magical place. Karaoke is one of the activities that will spice up your days in Istanbul. There are many karaoke venues in the city. We have listed the best karaoke places in Istanbul for you.

Sallash Dance Karaoke Bar

Sallash Bar is one of the prominent places in Istanbul with its unique architecture and comfortable atmosphere. You can spend pleasant hours with your friends here and eat delicious food. You can have fun with different types of music in this place where you can dance and sing. Sallash Bar is located in Bakırköy, the dynamic district of Istanbul. 

My Moon Karaoke Bar

Located in Beyoğlu, the heart of Istanbul's entertainment life, My Moon will offer you a pleasant evening with its atmosphere. The charm of its location and the quality of its sound system make My Moon a popular place among Istanbulites.

Mido Karaoke

Mido Karaoke, where you can sing in many languages, is in a great location in Ortaköy. The venue has a common area for 100 people, as well as private rooms. You can enjoy karaoke here by choosing the songs you want among Turkish, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, and Russian songs.

Acapella Karaoke Bar

Located in Suadiye, the dynamic district of the city, Acapella Karaoke has both a common room and VIP rooms. If you wish, you can enjoy your karaoke fun with your friends in VIP rooms. You can find songs in many languages ​​on Acapella Bar's lists.

Plak’s Music Hall

Plak's Music Hall, located in Arcadium Shopping Mall in Göktürk, is a 5-story entertainment center. You will feel the fun on every floor to the fullest here. Here you can dance, sing or sit comfortably in the lounge if you wish.

Marina Karaoke Club

Marina Karaoke Club is in a great location on the beach in Yeşilköy. While there is live music on the upper floor of Marina Karaoke Club, there is a karaoke area on the lower floor. You will have a lot of fun in the place with thousands of song options.

Yazı Tura Cafe Bar

Yaz Tura Cafe Bar is located in one of the busiest spots in Beşiktaş. Yazı Tura stands out, especially with its affordable prices. Here you can choose the songs you want among thousands of songs and enjoy.